Eight precautions for choosing custom original wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-09
There are also many crises hidden in the choice of customized original wooden doors. At present, more and more enterprise brands are providing customized original wooden doors, and the complexity of the market is beginning to cause many consumption problems. When we choose customized services, how can we achieve real private customization and exclusive dignity? Runcheng takes you to know what to pay attention to when customizing wooden doors: 1. Choose the strength brand of the original wooden door industry. When customizing the original wooden door, choose a professional original wooden door manufacturer with strength. Therefore, it is best to know the manufacturer through various channels before placing an order, and see the reputation and reputation of the original wooden door manufacturer. Because as long as this is the case, there is a guarantee for each other and mutual benefit. For this, senrun wooden door has a strong production line and a complete after-sales service system, and is a powerful brand of original wooden door. 2. Have a certain understanding of the materials of the original wooden door. Because of different materials, its price is also different. When choosing materials, you need to fully understand your understanding of wood, choose the material of the original wooden door that is suitable for yourself. This way of understanding, you can collect online, you can ask friends, you can also enter the store to consult the shopping guide. 3. Check the details of the original wooden door. Check the color, material and size of the original wooden door. After designing the best original wooden door renderings, if you are not satisfied, you can communicate with the designer in time. Before installation, it was found that the original wooden door had uncoordinated, beautiful and impractical defects, or returned them in time. 4. Rejecting the Overlord clause, the original wooden door manufacturer will take the initiative to provide consumers with the overall design effect diagram of the product. However, many illegal businesses took the opportunity to ask consumers to pay a deposit first and then issue drawings. Xiao Zong revealed that before he saw the product, the requirement to pay the design fee was a overlord clause, and consumers could rightfully say 'no '. 5. To learn to distinguish between true and false, one must distinguish whether the original wooden door is real or not. There is often such a phenomenon in the market: many bad manufacturers sell solid wood doors and even composite doors to consumers as raw wood doors to earn high profits. The simplest method is to gently slide through the turning interface and carved lines of the door with your fingers to see if there is splicing, cracking and rough carving of the wooden door interface. On the contrary, they are all original wooden doors of poor quality. 6. The customization cycle should not be too long. The production cycle of the original wooden door is an important issue for consumers. The original wooden door industry has a wide range of credit problems such as delayed delivery, and unqualified merchants often find it difficult to control the production process of their products. Therefore, remind consumers to choose brands with guaranteed production period as far as possible to ensure service quality. 7, the construction link checks need to pay special attention to all aspects of the original wooden door customization, strict checks. Every product and every component in the contract should be checked clearly and there are no omissions. At the same time, we should also see if there is any situation of cutting corners. 8. Pay special attention to after-sales service. In fact, after installing the product, it does not mean that the service has been terminated. In the long-term product use process, various problems often occur, requiring the original wooden door manufacturer to provide continuous maintenance services. Businesses with unsound after-sales service system often find it difficult to ensure product maintenance.
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