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Fair to Judge the Door by its Appearance

Fair to Judge the Door by its Appearance


As Oscar Wilde said, only shallow people do not judge a book by its cover. The so-called “cover” is not only the appearance, but also the expression in one’s eyes, behavior and many other details.

One’s external image embodies his life attitude and disposition. It is fair to judge a book by its cover and in fact, it also applies to a door, whose quality can be known by its appearance, just like the quality-assured wooden doors of RCCZ.


◆The herald of spring, the symbol of happiness.
Draw an azalea with simple curves, panels like petals on layers around, which break the past drab image. And the paint adopts electrostatic spraying, full and clear, which is suitable for Chinese and modern decorative style.

【Hoh Xil】

◆Salute life
“Hoh Xil” focuses on grape vines with fruits rather than precious Tibetan antelope in Hoh Xi to find the strong vitality in this serve environment. No matter how tough it is, they survive by right of their strong will. The rounded lines match the delicate carvings, showing the unique charm of the door.


◆The country is at peace and the people go merrily to their work.
Pure and concise, three crossbeams divide the door into four equal parts visually, linked closely. The overall feel of the door is simple and unadorned but attractive, which makes people feel leisure and content.


◆Still water runs deep, which makes people feel calm and quiet.
Without any pompous decoration, only by virtue of its smooth and original wood grain and the faint smell of wood, emphasize the the texture of the material, rough but delicate, which gets people back to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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