How to carry out daily maintenance of solid wood doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-23
Daily maintenance of wooden doors: first, pay attention to the season when the air humidity changes greatly. In summer, prevent solid wooden doors from being too humid in rainy season. Pay attention to moisture and water resistance. The moisture content in the air in winter is low, you can install an air humidifier indoors or raise a few pots of potted plants to adjust the air humidity. If the indoor air humidity is too high, it is easy to cause mildew spots on solid wood doors, falling off of decorative materials on the surface of solid wood doors, Rust of metal fittings of solid wood doors and other quality problems affecting the use of products. The indoor air temperature difference is very good, which is very easy to cause the solid wood door to deform and crack due to the change of water content in the product, thus affecting the use of the product. Second, in the process of solid wood door, when opening the solid wood door, attention should be paid to whether there is moisture or other liquid substances on the hand to prevent moisture or other liquid substances from corroding the door lock. In the process of using the door lock, do not use too much force, that is, ensure that the solid wood door is not used in the process of use, the force is too large and damaged, and can create a quiet home environment, does not affect the life and rest of other family members. Three, extend the service life of solid wood doors to do a good job in the maintenance of solid wood doors, also requires us to regularly clean and remove dust from solid wood doors in our daily life. In the process of cleaning solid wood doors, do not use hard cloth or sharp substances to remove surface stains. Try to use soft cotton cloth to erase them. It is easy to scratch the surface with hard cloth. Four, in the removal of surface stains need to use liquid to wipe, should try to use water or neutral chemical care solution to clean, just wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a little liquid, otherwise it will soak the surface finishing material, the surface finish material is discolored or peeled off, affecting the appearance of the product.
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