Physical conditions affecting solid wood doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-18
Solid wood doors have been favored by consumers for their environmental protection, health and durability. Even in the face of high prices, many consumers will choose solid wood doors to decorate their own companies. When consumers purchase the ideal solid wood door, they are not simply placed in the office. We also need to fully understand the nature of solid wood office furniture and be diligent in maintenance to prolong the service life of solid wood doors. The physical conditions that affect the solid wood door are all about 'the right time and the right place', and the maintenance of the door is no exception. Only by fully understanding the physical conditions that affect the properties of solid wood doors can we 'suit the remedy to the case' and provide a good 'weather' and 'geographical' environment for solid wood doors. 1. Influence of humidity if you are in a humid environment for a long time, some parts of solid wood doors, such as the front of solid wood doors, will deform due to expansion. At this time, the dehumidifier can be used for air humidity treatment to make the air drier and reduce the expansion and deformation of solid wood office furniture. 2. The temperature difference affects the ideal placement condition of solid wood doors to be 18 to 24 degrees Celsius and the humidity to be kept within the environment of 35% to 40%. In addition, pay attention to avoid placing the door close to the heat source or air conditioning tuyere. Severe temperature changes will cause damage to the 'appearance' of the door. The use of humidifiers and fireplaces in office environment will also cause premature aging of doors. 3, the light affects the long-term exposure to sunlight, solid wood doors will cause small cracks or fading and blackening on the surface of the coating due to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the door should be placed to avoid direct sunlight, and curtains should be used to block strong sunlight when necessary. At the same time, it is worth noting that the color of some solid wood will deepen with the passage of time, so don't mistake it for the quality of office furniture. The above are the physical conditions that affect the solid wood door. Doing the above work well can prolong the use time of the solid wood door. If you want to know more about the problem, please come to consult.
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