Tips let you pick a good solid wood door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-19
More and more customers regard wooden doors as their first choice. Because the wooden door is not only practical and beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly, but also has many kinds of choices. How to choose wooden doors? Let Xiaobian teach you tips to pick a good solid wood door. Look at the paint and classified paint as the post-processing process of the wooden door factory. In fact, the cost of paint is also a large part of the cost of wooden doors. Attention should be paid during acceptance: the paint film of good quality is very full and there is no suspicion of cutting corners. If the paint film on the surface is uneven or there are protruding fine particles, the paint film barbecue process is not up to standard. According to different materials, wooden doors are also divided into full solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, paint-free doors and plywood molded hollow doors. Different materials and prices are also different. Look at the comfort of hardware wooden doors is directly determined by hardware such as locks and hinges, so be sure to choose hardware products with quality assurance. The above is a small skill to pick a good solid wood door. If you want to know more about the problem, please come to consult.
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