What is the difference between plate wooden door and solid wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-17

1. How to distinguish

plate wooden door is based on artificial plate, wooden door with raw wood veneer, melamine board and other surface finishes. Wood-based panels are made of scraps produced in the processing of wood and mixed with other fibers. It is mainly divided into: medium density fiberboard, solid wood particle board, plywood and melamine board.

solid wood door refers to a wooden door made of natural wood. The surface of the wooden door can generally see the real texture of the wood. It includes not only the mahogany wooden door in people's impression, but also many other solid wood materials used to make wooden doors. Mainly divided into: pure solid wood door and imitation solid wood door.

II. Price comparison

plate-type wooden door is a plate wooden door made of incomplete crushed wood and mixed with other fibers. Compared with solid wood doors made of natural wood, the price is several times or even dozens of times cheaper. Of course, the price of some plate-type wooden doors with excellent workmanship and novel styles may far exceed that of solid wooden doors with rough workmanship. Therefore, when comparing prices, we must pay attention to comprehensive strength.

iii. Physical properties

before the plate of the plate wooden door is made into a finished product, it will be dried and pressed by gravity, therefore, the finished plate has high density, compact structure and stable physical properties. Before the solid wooden door is made, in order to retain the natural environmental protection of the plate itself, it is generally only simple drying treatment, so if the wooden door is made of wood with uneven water content, on the contrary, it is prone to deformation and cracking.

IV. Surface Treatment

solid wood door is a wooden door made of full logs or some composite logs, and the surface generally retains the original wood grain, apply all kinds of paint. The plate-type wooden doors are all made of composite materials, and the surface is coated with a layer of wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant melamine.

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