What is the difference between 'solid wood door' and 'all solid wood?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-01

many consumers have a misunderstanding in the process of purchasing wooden doors , only solid wood is good. In fact, the solid wood door currently on the market is not all solid wood. Many consumers go to the wooden store to buy products. The first sentence is to ask if it is all solid wood. Once you hear the negative answer, turn your head and go. In fact, this is because of the lack of understanding of modern wooden doors.

It is understood that most wooden doors on the market now are made of pine or imported filling materials as the door core skeleton, externally applied with medium density board and solid wood veneer, and made after high temperature hot pressing, it is called solid wood composite door. However, the so-called all-solid wooden doors that ordinary people are looking for are generally only used for varieties and parts with less materials, such as wood strips, edge banding and other small parts due to price reasons.

On the other hand, whether it is a traditional solid wood door or a modern solid wood composite door, the wood used is different due to its material and texture, there are obvious high, medium and low grades, and the market price ranges from 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan. Korean pine, Chinese fir, and eucalyptus are all relatively low-grade wooden doors, and high-grade solid wood includes walnut, cherry, and Sabili. The value of high-grade solid wood veneer far exceeds that of low-grade solid wood, especially many low-grade solid wood, due to the reason that dehydration treatment is not up to standard ( Wood used in wooden doors usually requires drying, with a relative moisture content of 8% to 12%) After being made into wooden doors, there is a great chance of deformation and cracking, so most of the wooden doors now use high-grade veneer veneers, and they are often expensive, its product quality, product grade and appearance effect are also much higher than those of low-grade solid wood doors.

In addition, there are many facing materials for modern wooden doors. It is common to use veneer and stickers, but the grades are completely different. Wooden Skin wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful and collision-resistant, but the price is relatively high; The wooden door of the sticker is easy to break, afraid of water, but the price is low, it is a popular product. It is very important for customers to visit wooden stores to find out whether it is solid wood, veneer or stickers. Solid wood and veneer can be called wooden doors, while stickers can only be called grain wooden doors.

relevant people remind consumers that when purchasing wooden doors, they should first check whether the product has the product certification issued by the state, and must pay attention to check the product certificate on the relevant departments to detect the wooden door category, so as not to be fooled.

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