What kind of wooden door is environmentally friendly?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-02
Wooden door is a link in family Decoration. Most people only pay attention to its appearance and quality when choosing wooden door, however, if the purchased wooden door is not environmentally friendly, it will release harmful gases such as formaldehyde to harm your body, then what kind of wooden door is environmentally friendly? The following Runcheng will introduce you. Mortise mode in good quality more environmental protection? Some businesses will use the mortise and tenon joint structure of wooden doors to be more environmentally friendly and of better quality as the propaganda point, but whether this structure is better or not is not the case in fact. For the wooden door to use the joint, to a certain extent, without any glue, it can be said to be environmentally friendly. However, tenon joint is a relatively delicate process and is not suitable for modern industrial assembly line processing mode, so it is more likely to have deformation and cracking in actual use. Whether the wooden door is environmentally friendly depends on whether the content of heavy metals in the glue and finishing in the manufacturing process exceeds the standard. The manufacturing process of solid wood doors does not use much glue, but as long as the wooden doors meet the national standards, they are environmentally friendly. Solid wood door has many advantages, but the processing technology is very high, so it is expensive and is a high-grade consumer product. For the vast majority of people, it is not an ideal wooden door product. Other wooden doors, such as solid wood composite doors, have no worse performance than solid wooden doors. As long as they conform to national regulations in the production process, there will be no environmental protection problems and they are more suitable for most people. Is the price cheaper and more economical? For cheap wooden doors, one should not have the mentality of finding cheap ones. Wooden doors that are usually lower than the normal market price are likely to have quality problems and fail to meet the national standards. Problems are usually found after several years of use and are difficult to fix. Therefore, in order to be more assured in the future, the wooden door has a longer life, and the wooden door should be purchased at a reasonable price, not for cheap. The lower the formaldehyde release from wooden door manufacturers, the better? Formaldehyde emission is an important indicator to detect whether wooden doors are environmentally friendly. The state has corresponding standard requirements for formaldehyde emission, but the lower the formaldehyde emission, the better. The wood-based panel base material of wooden door is mainly made of urinary aldehyde resin adhesive. If the formaldehyde emission is too low, the strength of wooden door is not guaranteed, which will affect future use. As long as the formaldehyde emission is within the standard, it is very safe and can be purchased with confidence.
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