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Which splicing method is better for door covers

Which splicing method is better for door covers


Is the door cover installation 45-degree spliced; or is it right-angled? I didn't know how to do it, and I reinstalled it in half a year!

The 45-degree splicing method and the right-angle splicing method want to know which is better, first of all, we must know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Right angle way is relatively simple

Directly splicing door covers does not require much cutting, just splicing them together. In this way, construction is very fast. The 90-degree splicing eliminates the cutting steps of horizontal and vertical door covers, and the installation is very simple. Just press the door cover strips on both sides against the top door cover strips. Intuitively, there is no gap. The overall appearance is more atmospheric. So this splicing method is more popular now. Moreover, the house decoration is basically young people, and the home decoration style is modern and simple, and the Nordic style. The 90-degree splicing of the door cover is also more natural and neat. However, this method can only be used for door covers without any shape. For door covers with shapes, using this method would be ugly.

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The spliced door cover is generally cut into a 45-degree angle

The 45-degree splicing of the door cover is made by diagonally cutting the door cover in two directions and then assembled on the door frame. However, this method will make the requirements for the decoration master bigger. If you do n’t get home, a big gap will be formed on the top, which will look ugly. But when done well, it looks a little more refined. This decoration method of the door cover is suitable for any door cover. The right angle will be more atmospheric, and the stitching will be more delicate, but for the shape of the door cover, you must use the stitching.

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The 45-degree splicing method is much more difficult than the right-angle splicing, because the size must be very delicate at the beginning. Immediately after the installation, the technique is also very important . Once the time is not at home, after the decoration, in daily life, it is easy to have gaps in the door cover.

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The design of the right-angle splicing door head is relatively simple, there is no need to cut the door cover, only the 90-degree splicing saves the step of cutting the horizontal and vertical door cover, only need to buckle the door cover strip on both sides However, this simple and simple decoration method is favored by modern young people, because the whole looks simple and elegant, and it is naturally a beautiful 45-degree splicing design.

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Of course, many friends may not pay much attention to this aspect. When they are renovating, they should finish according to the construction of the decoration workers. They have not carefully considered the difference between the two. The 45 degree splicing door cover, once cracked, it is very troublesome to repair. Here we recommend that you choose a right angle door cover. It will be a little better than the 45-degree splicing method, because the 45-degree splicing door head is prone to quality problems, so that it will be very troublesome for maintenance in the future, and the right-angle design is relatively simple, and It also looks simple and elegant in appearance.

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From the perspective of practicality and aesthetics, the right-angle splicing method of the door cover is more suitable for the current home decoration than 45 degrees. However, when making right-angle door covers, the door covers on both sides are slightly higher, so that the height of the interior wall can be extended visually, but too much beyond the top door cover will feel a bit abrupt.

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