Wooden door and home

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-15
As the 'facade' of the home, whether it is the entrance door or the interior door, the shape of the wooden door must be consistent with the style of the home, and the style and style of each door must also correspond. A seemingly simple wooden door needs to consider many aspects besides its material. 1. The bedroom door should be made of warm, natural and elegant solid wood doors. This kind of door gives the owner quiet and safe, or square and opaque glass Japanese doors are also more popular and practical. 2. The entrance door should not only consider security and theft prevention, but also consider beauty and practicality. Most people like to choose a strong, thick solid wood door with decorative effect. The most common styles of wooden doors are Chinese style, European style and simple style. If the decoration of the home is European style, the wooden doors with curved and swirling lines should also be selected accordingly; If it is a simple style, try to choose a wooden door with horizontal and vertical lines and simple decoration. 3. Balcony doors and balcony doors should adopt full glass doors with good lighting and high transparency, so that the balcony can absorb more sunlight and the room has better light. 4, the book door should adopt a beautiful, simple and elegant semi-glass oval door or ancient window edge pattern, which can produce the effect of antique scholarly door; 5. The entrance hall and living room doors are mostly fan-shaped, push-pull or folding doors, and their styles are all glass doors divided in square format, accounting for small and convenient space, it is simple, bright, transparent and bright. 6, the kitchen door should choose sandblasting, matte pattern, semi-transparent half glass door is better, the bathroom door should use a more unique full solid wood door, giving people privacy and security, or use the upper full matte treatment half glass door type. The above is about the matching of wooden doors and homes. After professional matching, you can have better decorative effects.
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