Wooden doors are not only gorgeous in appearance and beautifully carved, but also have various styles

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-26
Guangdong wooden doors are not only gorgeous in appearance and beautifully carved, but also have various styles. Its advantage is environmental protection. It is made of logs with a high level. It is not easy to deform due to thermal expansion and cooling. Most families choose solid wood doors for decoration, but how to transport and store solid wood doors before installation? The door frame should be pushed and placed neatly according to the size of the door frame. The door leaf should be laid flat or horizontally. The bottom layer should be flat and flat. Each stacking gap should be separated by Wood Square or wood board, and there must be a bracket for horizontal placement, door leaf don't allow against the wall upright and caused wooden door deformation. When the goods arrive at the site, they should be unpacked according to the order of product installation, and check whether the physical objects and quantity of products and accessories are consistent with the contract. The set door is a paint product and has been polished before leaving the factory; In the process of loading and unloading and handling, the door leaf and door frame are extremely damaged; Therefore, in the process of handling, we should be serious and responsible, and take it lightly. Solid wood door frames must be assigned to the site at one time according to the number. The door leaf and door frame should be laid and stacked indoors with pad; The door frame and the door leaf are stacked separately. It is forbidden to tilt and stack heavy objects on the door leaf and other materials. Pay attention to moisture. It is strictly prohibited to store with acid and alkali; Check and clean up the site to see if the reserved size of the door opening or door frame is in line with the design requirements.
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