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Daily Mail reporter update: at 17: 22 on April 17, 2011, this morgue will be obtained from the idea of \"peaceful rest\" as much as possible. At Robert L.
In the Adams morgue in Compton, California, the family can put a dead relative in an open coffin --
Through the display window.
The owner said it meant
Locals are known to be able to watch on masse, older people do not have to leave the car, and people who are afraid of the funeral home do not have to go in.
Video community volunteers and former council member Bernice Woods are known for her impressive hats and jewelry and enjoy the public eye.
So when she died last month, her child chose to put the coffin she opened in the car --
According to the Los Angeles Times, through the show at the Compton morgue.
My mother is a community person, says Gregory W.
Woods, 55, is the youngest of her ten children.
She means a lot to so many people.
It is appropriate and appropriate to look at her in this way.
The funeral home has been around since 1974 and welcomes visitors in huge red
There is a letter sign above the entrance and a golden chandelier at the reception.
12ft wide driveway covered and laid-
Through the door close to the main double door, its long glass bullet-proof window can be seen from the street.
Only a few other drives-
It is well known that it operates in the United States through a funeral home, one in Chicago and the other in the state of Luis Anna. Robert L.
Peggy Scott Adams, owner of Adams, said: \"This is a unique feature that makes us different from other funeral homes.
She married former congressman Robert Lee Adams.
In 1988, when he died in 2005, she inherited his legacy.
\"You can come over after work, you don\'t need to deal with parking, you can sign outside and the family knows you respect you,\" she said . \".
Mrs. Adams said that after the cemetery shootout in the 1980 s made members reluctant to gather for the funeral, the site became a popular venue for gang funerals.
Funeral prices in the morgue range from over $1,295.
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