Quality Control


Quality Control

Monitoring center personnel are sorting out the colour shading products.


—— Before Project Order

The project must pass the review of relevant departments and reach a consensus consistent with the requirements of customers.

—— Before Production

Confirm the feasibility of unconventional materials and processes, and do the corresponding positioning work.

—— Material

Check the material preparation according to the requirements of project order, to ensure the size, process, surface effect, number and quality status of fully enclosed LED-UV meet the processing requirements.

—— Carpentry

Strictly control the woodworking style, craft, size, hardware tapping, handle direction, groove position, veneer, edge sealing, assembly, wood grinding, woodworking surface details.

—— Painting

Check the quality of primer and oil grinding strictly accordance with each paint process. Make samples in strict accordance with the requirements of the order color board, and conduct batch production after confirmation.


Be responsible to customers and strict for QC

Strict Inspection Standard

Paint process includes: finish, semi-finish, open, each process of the paint inspection standards are not the same.

Basically the paint should be fully dry, feel smooth, keep 95% close of the color board, no obvious color shading, no color residue or edge "white line", etc. The overall color is basically the same (matching).

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