Advanced Equipment

Dry Kiln

Large steam drying, can dry thousands of cubic meters of wood at a time, so that the wood has sufficient health time after drying, and is equipped...

Wood Carbonizer
The equipment is mainly used for the carbonization of log materials, this process effectively reduce cracking, shrinkage, and deformation.
Membrane Press

The double-sided membrane press which imported from Italy  is the soul equipment of the solid wood moulding door workshop.

Wire Drawing Machine

This equipment is the upgrade product for the manual type, mainly used for semi-open paint products.

Auto Reversal Edge-sealed  Production Line

It is mainly used for the workpiece to be automatically moved to the conveying and turning after being edge-sealed.

Electrostatic Spray Coating Renovation

High efficiency; High painting rate, less waste, costs only 50% of the previous air spray gun; Environmentally friendly; The paint surface is more even.

LED-UV Primer Roller Painting Line

After the upgrade, power loss is 80 KHW less than the previous mercury lamp, which avoids the pollution of the mercury lamp, ozone free.

LED-UV Reciprocating Spraying Line

Infrared induction spray, injection stops after the product is delivered. Compared with the traditional injection, saves two-thirds of the paint...



Technical Breakthrough丨LED UV Priming Process

  • 01


    LED light is cold setting,avoids the pollution of the mercury lamp, ozone free, mercury free, improves the production environment.

  • 02

    More Energy-Saving

    The power consumption of LED lamp is 30% of that of traditional mercury lamp. Due to the infrared control, the workpiece can be lit up instantly when passing through, and then it can be automatically turned off after passing through. No need to keep the light on like mercury lamp. Comprehensive electricity saving reached 90%.

  • 03

    More Stable

    LED light has a long service life of about 25000~30000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamp. The lamp has sufficient energy and less light decay. Stable light source can ensure stable curing effect. No need to change the lights frequently, maintenance cost is low.

  • 04


    Compared with ultraviolet mercury lamp, LED light has less radiation, less harm to human and ensures occupational health of workers.

  • 05

    Good Quality

    LED UV has much better leveling property, adhesion and transparency than traditional UV. At the same time, LED UV is cold curing, which can effectively avoid damage to wood products and greatly reduce deformation and degumming problems caused by heating.

  • 06

    More Convenient

    After LED UV curing, the coating has better leveling and toughness, easier for sanding. If there are scratches on the workpiece, after the dispensing, the paint can be instantly dry by the portable LED light curing machine, and the repair is extremely convenient.


Technical Breakthrough丨Upgrade Reciprocating Machine


After the dual-circuit transformation for the reciprocating machine, LED UV is able to be used in white paint, white open, varnish and open primer.  More than 90% of the product primer has changed to LED UV in retail order and whole house customization production line. Through the heating, UV primer spraying achieves solvent free, greatly reduce VOCs emissions.


Technical Breakthrough丨Upgrade Electrostatic Spraying

4 Advantages:

① High efficiency. Fast period. Varnish can be adjusted to 51 seconds for one door, packed immediately after the UV lamp curing.
② High painting rate, less waste, costs only 50% of the previous air spray gun.
③ Environmentally friendly. Compared with PU, UV VOC emission is reduced by 50%.
④ The paint surface is more even, good leveling.

4 Core Tech:

① The imported 100,000 rpm/min high-speed rotary cup spray gun, with good spray atomization, particle size is only one-fiftieth of the normal air spray gun.
② The precision gear pump oil supply system is better and more stable than the gas pump.
③ The segmented fuel injection control system can effectively solve the problem of paint sag during hanging spray.
④ Infrared senses the size of the workpiece and intelligently adjusts the spray range.

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