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Basic Profile

Who will believe that half of peaks and waterfalls of Lushan Mountain are moved to Xiqiao Mountain? The splendid natural scenery of Guangdong Xiqiao Mountain is like a fairy land of peach blossoms that makes people intoxicated. RCCZ Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Xiqiao Science & Technology Industrial Park which is adjacent to Xiqiao Mountain, a good place for outstanding people. RCCZ established in 2001, is a large modern enterprise which specializes in design, development and production of decorative products such as interior wooden doors.


Development of RCCZ

Over the years, the company has continuously developed high-quality products and “RCCZ” as the dominant brand.

In 2005, RCCZ launched the door package, repeatedly set off the market sales boom, praised as a unique model for the industry. 

In 2011, the large scale electrostatic spraying equipment was put into production, improved efficiency and quality.

In 2012, RCCZ wood products manufacturing R&D centre was formally established together with Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, Institute of Timber Industry.

In 2013, the finish paint room was fully upgraded, entirely realized dust-free, low pollution. In 2014, imported the Italian ORMA membrane press, product quality fully improved.

In 2015, auto-roller painting line was put into production, paint research center was established, workshop has been completely upgraded.

In 2016, production system plan is divided into different production line, make the responsibility clearly and visible,  guarantee the fairness, publicity and justice of the management. Signed cooperation agreement with  Lean Management of Chinese Factory, RCCZ formally entered into comprehensive digital management. In addition, our business gradually develops the whole wood home decoration and whole house customization, and gradually tends to the systematic development, receives more and more customers' attention and praise.

In 2017, new three-storeyed standardize workshop, new office building, new dormitory and new dining hall were completed, it marks that RCCZ haS officially entered a new stage of development.

In 2018, RCCZ further expanded the capacity, complete the standardization construction of large plants, and further upgrade large equipment -- LED UV roller painting line officially put into production, comprehensively improve production efficiency, and set off the trend of technology in the industry.



Strong Professional Strength

RCCZ adheres to the tenet of “manage the top enterprise, creat the well-known brand, survive on quality and develope on science and technology", insists on guiding by the market demand with product innovation, targeting the customer satisfaction. The company is constantly striving to improve product quality, escort with solid technical equipment, and has introduced production equipment and technology from home and abroad, eg: introduction of large-scale electrostatic spray coating equipment, multi-function machining center equipment, condensing traditional processing steps into one step high-speed cutting processing, brings whirlwind processing efficiency; imported Italian double-sided membrane press, fully automatic edge sealing, large central dust collector.



Services and Development

Customer satisfaction is always our goal. In 2003, the Customer Service Center was established to provide comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales tracking services, and established a 100% mechanism for timely handling of product complaints. On the one hand, it ensures the speed of handling complaints and guarantees customer satisfaction; on the other hand, the problem of customer feedback is summarized in time, and the production is adjusted to ensure that the product sells well. While continuously acquiring new markets for product, we will strengthen and improve the after-sales system of our products, establish a 5 star sound service standard, and promise to make good product quality and excellent service with “careful, meticulous, caring, assured and confident”, promise to bring good quality and service to every customer.

The 2006 "wooden door" industry standard, the 2012 "wooden door installation specification" industry standard and the "wood door repair, replacement and return standards" industry standard, the 2013 "wooden doors and windows" national standard official release and implementation, promotes the improvement of the overall quality of the wooden door industry and provides technical support for the healthy development of the industry.



Company Honor

The company’s constantly growing performance, standard and transparent corporate governance structure have won extensive approval of investors. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality standard system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CTC wooden door product quality certification and China Environmental Labelling Certification. Besides, it is the “Vice-president Unit of Wooden Door Committee of China Timber Distribution Association”, short-listed in the ten-in-a-row enterprises of Top 30 in national wooden door double commitment and has won the title of “AAA+ China Quality Credit Enterprise” for nine years in succession and the title of “Guangdong Integrity Demonstration Enterprise” for five years in succession. In addition, it is conferred with “Most Influential Enterprise Award” issued by China Wooden Door Association, an industrial authority, “Wooden Door of China” and “Contribution to Standard Compilation Award”, “Product R & D Innovation Award”. Meanwhile, it’s the main drafting unit of the industrial standard Wooden Door, the national standard Wooden Door and Window. Other titles and honors include “Guangdong Famous Trademark”, “Guangdong Top Brand” and “China Famous Brand”, etc.



Green First, Practice of Responsibility

Garden factory, RCCZ spares no effort to advance the green production, in response to the low carbon environmental protection concept.

It has launched a series of integration, including the integration of internal and external resources, from the development of the product system to the reformation of the equipment system, the environment as well as the whole operating model, fully mixing green concept to wood culture. 

In order to firmly follow the path of sustainable development, the company has built the environmentally friendly workshop and completely eliminate high-dust and high-pollution production lines. While developing our own business, we will not forget to give back to the society, practice the social responsibility of green and environmental protection, and join hands with well-known social groups in the town to launch a national fitness campaign to promote the concept of “happy sports, healthy sports”. In addition, we will organize company personnel to form a love team to send holiday warmth and other public welfare to soldiers stationed in local, bit by bit, only to thank and contribute to society.


Spirit and Culture

The company values the balance between work and life. The company provides spaces and opportunities for employees’ sustainable development, encourages them to grow together with the company, advocates simple interpersonal relations and builds an atmosphere that allows them to fully display their talents. In terms of daily life, the company creates environment that’s convenient for employees’ basic necessities. Therefore, they don’t have to be worried in this regard. Moreover, the company sets up a garden-like factory surrounded by flowers, grass and fish. The dynamic nature is demonstrated to make people feel comfortable and at ease. At the same time, it proactively organizes rich activities to enrich employees’ life such as large-scale evening parties and annual travel. Employees’ efforts are paid off with actions and they can feel homely warmth.



Sound Talent Training System

Through the establishment of a variety of training mechanisms, RCCZ creates an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, learning and self-confidence, allowing employees to think in learning and change in thinking. At the same time, we will implement strategic development and management, and adhere to the talent strategy of “exploiting talents, cultivating talents, and motivating talents”. The company absorbs outstanding talents through multiple channels, enriches the enterprise team, strengthens the system construction, optimizes the personnel structure, strengthens the cultivation of scarce talents, plans the career of employees, strengthens the staff education and training, implements the human-centered management, forms a professional, reasonable age structure, full of enthusiasm, dedicated, innovative, pioneering, united and hard work team. Let a modern corporate culture of openness, inclusion, innovation, learning, progress, transcendence and coordination be deeply rooted in the brand, making it another shining point of the brand.


Century-old brand, which is transmitted from generations

Win by brand, move forward with culture, a household-name brand is handed down generation by generation. A brand shall win by branding and culture. Only when a brand gets stronger and bigger can it be considered as a brand of its nation and even a brand of the world. Looking forward, RCCZ people will keep developing and improving RCCZ products with indomitable and challenging spirits.

They will fully absorb the essence of traditional Chinese culture of the past five thousand years and make proactive efforts to integrate global effective resources while giving scope to local advantageous resources. Hence, RCCZ will build its own unique strengths and embrace a more glorious future with its endless unswerving forces. We believe that the horn of RCCZ has sounded and ahead of us is a broader sky for us to spread wings and soar.

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