3d titanic reveals rose did have room for jack on ‘that’ door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
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With the release of the 3D version of Titanic, fans slammed Kate Winslet for letting Leonardo Di Caprio die.
They believe the footage in the new version of Provence, Winslet\'s character Ross does have space on the temporary raft at the end of the movie for ronadi Caprio\'s Jack-meaning he doesn\'t have to drown.
1997 James Cameron weipi is known for his relationship.
After the liner broke, people saw them trying to avoid the cold grave by floating together on the wooden door.
As the couple struggled to stay afloat, Winslet\'s character let Di Caprio slide off the raft-breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls around the world.
Thousands of people now
Watch their favorite movie 15-years-
A wave of anger was sent to Winslet through social networking sites.
One said: \"I just watched the 3D version of Titanic, and when Leonardo DiCaprio hung on one side, the board she was lying in the cold water was big enough!
Another added: \"my goat is 3D and you can see exactly how much space is left on the floating door.
The selfish cow will definitely squeeze Jack in!
\"Facebook has set up a group of thousands of distressed members to attack Kate\'s character.
Many people posted photos of themselves posing in multiple positions and marked what they thought was the door area on the floor-to show how easy it was for two people to fit it.
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