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Corporate Culture


Brand is a marking power; culture is a power of conquering
Adopting the traditional fine craftsmanship and the modern design concept, RCCZ's China wooden doors offer an ideal home for those who pursues high quality life with its concept of "original, art, culture".

Endow culture to wooden door to promote the connotation of brand
Every product and every thing has its own culture meaning! Door is not only the protector for family safety, but also is the exhibition of the host's life taste. We endow creatively every custom wood doors a fair-sounding name with a beautiful story of setimental love story, lucky blessing or childish happiness. We devote the sentiment to the door culture so that to let the customers experience the harmonious and warm life taste!

Display space with museum style to display the culture of the theme products
RCCZ are planning to establish the first wooden door museum in the world during the future five years. We hope to illustrate the cultural deposits of wooden door in this museum. Through different doors of different times, we hope to display the former culture history and cultural progress of door to customers. We believe that only the enterprises who have its own culture can gain great life force. The wooden door museum aims to let more friends know wooden door and like wooden door so that to create an warm and harmonious home environment through door's culture history

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