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A complete guide to wooden doors

A complete guide to wooden doors


Most of the owners of suburban real estate during the construction of a country house or a residential house are faced with the need to select and purchase an entrance door that should meet the wishes of the owner as much as possible. Taking into account the location and the specifics of its operation, the wooden doors, both for a wooden house and a brick cottage, must, first of all, be reliable, burglar-proof, and will resist the effects of weather factors.


What to consider when choosing an entrance door:

Since the front door is the hallmark of any home, it must be attractive, combined with the general style of construction and the exterior design of a private house. The material from which the door is created must be durable, weather-resistant. The material should not change its qualities over time, under the influence of moisture, high or low temperature, solar radiation or other external factors. Please note that the material must be distinguished by high levels of thermal and sound insulation. Thus, you minimize heat loss and provide a stable micro climate in the house.

Based on the above, the optimal material for the manufacture of the door is wood. Also, an important factor is the thickness of the door because the main purpose of the front door is to protect unauthorized persons from entering the house.

For installation, it is best to choose the door leaf and box, which are made of solid or glued solid wood, because they are more durable and are less subject to shrinkage with time and distortion under the action of humidity.


The advantages of wooden doors

Attractive appearance, complemented by the natural pattern of natural internal texture. For this reason, wooden doors harmoniously look on any facade of the building.

Natural wood is characterized by a long period of operation. And if treated with a fire retardant, an antiseptic and antifungal composition, the wood for a long time is well resistant to adverse conditions, and also fully complies with the latest fire safety regulations

The porous internal structure of the tree is responsible for high levels of heat and sound insulation. If such a door is also warmed, it will maintain a constant temperature indoors. 

Hard and expensive woods are distinguished by elastic and flexible bonds between the fibers. As a result, with a standard thickness, they are distinguished by a high level of strength, and they protect unwanted guests from entering the house.


Wood is not a conductor of electricity so this helps in the security of property in case of a short circuit, which makes it one of the best insulators available in the market.

Aesthetically pleasing

Without a doubt, we had to mention the beauty behind a door. It carries an elegance and it has the potential to be the center of attention in any home or business. They have a very classical look. Wood is often associated with elegance, and it demonstrates to increase the value of any property. More than that, however, wood can be painted any color. There are no color limits.


Truthfully, a front door can be the subject of much wear and tear. However, wooden doors are obviously rust free because of the material itself. Besides being rust-free, they can withstand rain, wind, and more. Truly, all you need to do is stain them and finish them every so often.


Installation of wooden doors :here are three mounting methods:


1. Anchor or pin mount for eyelets. This method will help to mount any entrance doors, even double ones. They are an inseparable part of the metal door box construction, but if you install a door, you can use screws. A hole should be made through the eyelet using a perforator of 10-15 cm. Insert the anchor bolt into the hole, and tighten it with a socket wrench

2. Anchor or pin mount through the door frame. The main difference from the above method is that the holes need to be made at the end of the door frame fastening type "capture". Most often used for metal doors. To do this, the box is hooked with an external frame of the door, and a hook mounted on the inside of the wall is welded inside.

At the end of the installation of the box, you can install the door leaf and check the installation again. To do this, open the street door, first at 45 degrees, and then at 90. At the same time, it should not move by itself.

3. After that, you can begin to close the gap between the box and the wall. Foam is also suitable for this, however, the strength of the foam for the outer door may not be enough. It is worth using a solution of cement with the addition of alabaster. It is necessary as thoroughly as possible to fill the entire gap with a solution. Make a loose solution so that it does not flow. Do-it-yourself entrance wooden door is a completely solvable task.


We have mentioned about the advantages of wooden doors , so how to choose it?

During the selection of high-quality doors, you will hesitate in choosing the insulation. The most successful insulation is foam rubber. This insulation retains its shape in any circumstances, which means it can be mounted not only inside but also outside.

Mineral wool is also a good heater, but for it, you need to install stiffeners that prevent shrinkage of wool. In addition, you need to spread the glue on the door area, which will be put cotton.

Wooden outdoor doors Penoplex - a quite popular material for insulation. It is not flammable, has a high elasticity under compression, has a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity, lightweight, and also has immunity to aggressive substances. This material is environmentally friendly and does not absorb the liquid.

Polyfoam can be called one of the most optimal materials. It is lightweight, retains its shape for a long time, but insulation of the door with foam plastic will require non-standard methods.

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