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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
Last year, must-
Have requirements for any selfrespecting up-
The development of the market is a large number of hightech toys.
This year, the feeling has gained the upper hand, and the quality is surpassing gadgets and gadgets.
This may have breathed a sigh of relief to many buyers who may feel they need a degree in computer science just to learn how to operate a lamp or hi-fi system.
Now, it\'s focused on detail, using high
Standard materials, as well as the design and layout of important apartments.
The qualities that attract young professionals who want value for money and, most importantly, that will continue.
Landminster\'s Jonathan Thurston has just sold five apartments and a stable at 17 Lancaster Gate, part of Victorian stucco on the market.
The former FA headquarters in London said: \"I like to focus on the traditional quality in the construction structure, not the toy, after a year the toy depreciated by ten percent.
I prefer to spend money on solid.
Oak windows and floors will remain in place during 100.
\"He is keen to add extra health and safety features instead of Hitech gimmicks.
\"In urban life, you need to keep yourself healthy,\" he said . \"
So, these apartments have a facade for a period of time, but the interior is new and there is a complex air
Air filtration system-
Cooling system that can adjust humidity and central dust suction system-
Convenient to use, high efficiency.
In terms of security, there is a color videoentry system (with sound)
, Showing who is in the front door and in the elevator;
This is a good thing because it leads directly to the entrance corridor of the upper apartment.
The window exploded.
Proof glass, smoke if there\'s a fire-
The ventilation system can empty the smoke of the whole building, while the elevator illuminates the escape route from zero to ground and emergency lighting.
\"I have been trying to reduce the technical content.
So I\'m just saying it now. to-
Operate dimmer switches in all rooms, CAT 5 wiring and piping for multiplemedia hi-
The fi system if the purchaser wants it.
\"At least he doesn\'t have to tear this place apart to install it,\" Thurston said . \".
All apartments have oak floors and cream in the bathroom-
Colorful marble with jacuzzi and steam shower, pale granite working surface and splash back in kitchen, sturdy maple unit and built in
In the cappuccino machine.
\"It saves space on the working face,\" Thurston said . \". The first-
The floor apartment is particularly impressive, with first-class reproduction-
Gorgeous carved fireplace in Georgia and 15ft high windows with new solid oak blinds in the living room. The two-and three-
The size of the bedroom apartment ranges from 12 square feet to 24 41 square feet.
They are sold through the Knight Frank (020-7823 5906)
And the emblem of Bishop Blenheim (020-7290 2800)
From 935,000 to 1.
8 m penthouse.
Julia Reynolds, Bishop of Insignia Blenheim, said: \"Everything must be correct, and the specification is very important.
At the top of the market-over £5m -
Buy plasma TV-
Screen, CAT 5 line, mood lighting and surround sound.
Technology is not important for properties below 2 m but they do expect solid technology
Wooden floors and doors.
No laminate or veneer.
\"Thornsett has just launched five large horizontal apartments and four studios at 36 and 38 Pont Street, SW1
A pair of two-
Listed stucco building.
Three of the horizontal apartments are traditionally designed and the penthouse is more modern, the developer goes further in terms of technology, but the quality is there as well.
In the main bathroom, there is a 14in, plasma-
The screen TV at the end of the bathroom, the fireplace in the living room is operated by the remote control, the curtains are the same, and there is a surround-
Sound System in living room.
But the attention to detail in these apartments is second to none. In the ground-
Floor display apartment with its own entrance, with a library with exquisite burrs
Modern designed oak paneling and bookcase, beautiful marble bathroom and oak parquet floor.
The apartment has three bedrooms, a living room and a dining room with original cornice and ceiling details.
The apartments on the first, second and third floors have an amazing circular entrance hall with the elevator leading directly to the hall with a starshaped white-and-
Black marble floor
On the fourth floor, two people-
Bedroom apartment with roof terrace in living room, high ceiling and two
Adjust the walnut and maple door.
There are two doors in the kitchen/dining room, limestone floors in the kitchen area and light gray Poggenpohl units.
All the kitchen.
Thick blue glass working surface and fiveburner gas hob.
The four studios on the ground floor are completely different.
The whole floor is limestone and the living area is separated by the walls and two sliding opaque areasglass doors.
The back of the wall is a bed with a bathtub and toilet on both sides.
Below the corridor is a guest cloakroom and small triangular kitchen with glass inside
Working surface on top.
All apartments, both landscape and studio, have Lutron lighting, air conditioning
Air conditioning and Cat 5E wiring.
Prices range from 425,000 to 3.
65 m, the agent is Laifang (020-7591 8600)
And friends & Falcke (020-7581 3022).
At the Aubrie square in W8 Kensington, some of the most expensive new-
Apartments and townhouses are built on the market.
The development of the St. James Group is located on the former Thames River, which is also home to the Campton Hill Lawn Tennis Club. now there are six new indoor tennis courts and six open-air tennis courts.
Tom Tenney of Leifang said: \"These houses are of very high quality and are very safe, and each house has its own underground garage, \"He is marketing development projects with Dade Liangxing residential and Sotheby\'s International Real Estate.
The 19 houses have five to seven bedrooms around a new landscape square.
48 more-, two-and three-
Bedroom apartment.
All houses have a modern or traditional interior design at prices ranging from £ 5. 5m to £11.
A 7 bed with pool is 5 metres from 550,000 to 1.
25 m apartment.
Knight Frank, 020-7938 4311;
DTZ residence, 020-7235 8088;
Sotheby\'s International Real Estate, 020-7598 1600.
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