aarushi and hemraj were in objectionable position: cbi

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
The Central Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday that Dentist Rajesh Talwar found his daughter and family servant in an \"offensive position\" and used his golf club and sharp-edged weapon.
In cross-examination at a special court in Ghaziabad, CBI\'s other sp agl Kaul, who led the second investigation team, entered the sensational double murder 14-
On the evening of May 15, one-year-old mahushi and family servant Hemraj were at the Noida residence of the dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar --16, 2008.
Kaul said that according to his investigation, Rajesh Talwar was awake in his room at 12 midnight, while according to the death report, the murder time was 12-1 am.
The official claimed that, according to his investigation, Hemraj was attacked in the room on the bed of majushi and was taken to the roof and dragged to the corner where his throat was cut.
Kaul explained a series of events that took place on that night that decided fate, saying Rajesh heard some noise and went to Hemraj\'s room but did not find him there.
Two golf clubs were lying in hermaraj\'s room, one of which was picked up by rajsh tarwar.
He heard a loud noise from uushi\'s room.
The door of the room was not locked, but closed.
\"He opened the door and found that mehushi and Hemraj were in an unpleasant position on the bed of mehushi,\" Kaul said in his testimony . \".
Rajesh Talwar found them in a position like this and hit Hemraj in the head with a golf bat, Kaul said.
When he blew for the second time, the servant\'s head moved away from this position, and the stick hit the forehead of the rebushi.
He said the head of the golf club was not sealed separately when it was caught.
\"The V-shape or U-shape damage on the forehead of tusushi may be caused by the use of the rod head,\" he said . \".
The official said that the noise generated during the process awakened the Nupur Talwar that flooded into the room at the houushi.
\"When the injured Hemraj fell off the bed.
Both of them checked the pulse of thanushi and found her nearby
\"The deceased frightened them and planned to execute the servants so that no one knew about it,\" Kaul said in court . \".
He said both men decided to hide hemalaj\'s body and dispose of it when they got the right chance.
The two wrapped Hemaraj\'s body in bed.
Kaul said he was dragged to the terrace where they covered his throat with a cooler.
When they came to the room, he said, they sorted out the sheets and toys and dressed up the crime scene.
He said they had cut the throat of thanushi to make sure that the wounds on Hemraj and their daughter looked similar, and the wedding cleaned up her private part.
The officer gave details of his findings and said the dentist couple cleaned up the blood, disrupted the router and collected all the clothes used to wash the blood, as well as the sharp small arms used in killing people, the purpose is to dispose of them.
\"They cleaned up the golf bat used in the murder and hid it in the attic in the bedroom of the rebushi.
They locked the door of the uushi room from outside.
They locked the outermost door from the inside, the wooden door from the outside, and entered the apartment through Hemraj\'s room, and the door opened between the two entrances, \"he said.
While Rajesh has been drinking, they are all waiting for the arrival of the maid Bharti.
The official said that as soon as Bharti arrived, Nupur asked Hemraj where he was because they locked the wooden door from outside.
\"She threw the key from the balcony to Bharti and approached it from the back of the room at the tusushi. . .
\"When Bharti came over, she found Talwars crying and said \'Look what Hemraj did, \'\" he said \'. \".
When asked by the defense about the forensic report, Hemraj\'s DNA was found from a purple pillow recovered from Krishna\'s residence, said kaul, a suspect initially investigated by CBI, this is the result of a typo error in the CFSL report.
\"I can\'t give any specific reason why I believe there are typos in the report.
\"It is wrong to say that I deliberately do not say the reasons, and based on these reasons, I infer that there are typos in the report,\" Kaul said . \".
He said he had written to the director of the Center for DNA fingerprints and diagnostics for DNA testing, seeking an explanation of the alleged error.
\"I have written that I feel that the description of the purple pillowcase recovered from the room in Krishna and the pillows recovered from Hemaraj is mutual --
\"It changed,\" he said.
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