Aluminum alloy door cover for ecological door what's the point?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-16

wood door manufacturer to tell you the door also has an important role, there are many kinds of ecological door, the door of modelling of material also is varied, but the vast majority of ecological door will be reflected in the aluminum wood ecological doors, aluminum alloy door cover also as the symbol of the aluminum wood ecological doors, according to the reemployment of customer feedback, for the majority of customers of high-end tooling of aluminium alloy door cover became the required.

aluminium alloy door cover the intuitive impression that gives a person is strong and durable, a sense of security; Except, of course, safe and can be recycled, modern fashion style, simple and convenient installation, perfect embodiment of gap junction treatment etc are made of aluminium alloy door cover get most people's favorite. In forest ecological door into alkali sandy flat, arc, arc champagne, red acid alkali sand branch arc board etc, its main core structure for aluminum alloy material, because the design of the door line is different, make the same kind of door leaf with a variety of door cover when the application position will also change. Visible window of aluminium alloy door cover over the meaning of ecological door is very special, when complete the door that window and door leaf is tie-in, room doors and Windows and even whole and interior space seems to have a soul.

maybe someone will say, aluminum wood ecological doors also can match the wooden door cover, are theoretically possible, but we think that when faced with an emergency, ecological door properties such as strong, fire prevention, waterproof, thermal insulation will be useless. Visible window of aluminium alloy door cover can locate as aluminum wood ecological doors on behalf of the structure.

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