an island and an icon.

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Maybe no man is an island, but a woman born in France and raised in the United States is both an island and an idol.
Of course, that woman is the Statue of Liberty.
It attracted nearly a thousand ships.
There are a large number of tourists every year. -
Total about 5. 5 thousand people
They came from every corner of the world, saw her face, and were inspired by the ideas she represented.
On 1886, the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the American people-
It was the tallest building in New York. -
We hated it.
The bold concept of personal freedom and political freedom.
It is placed on what is considered the gateway to the country on the island of Bedlow (
Liberty Island now)
In the War of 1812, it, along with the nearby Ellis Island, was part of New York\'s Port defense against Britain.
As a matter of fact, the free teenager sits on the top of the Fort Worth in Bedlow.
Today, however, the island\'s defensive forces are not aimed at the red shirts, but at anyone who intentionally or inadvertently does harm to freedom.
The responsibility of national defense lies with the National Park administration (NPS)
The statue has been under supervision since 1933, especially the US Park Police.
\"Given the huge tourist traffic, the biggest challenge here is crowd control,\" Diane H said . \"
Dyson is the head of National Park Services for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Monument.
But, she notes, \"because we are an idol, on everyone\'s radar,\" Security must also focus on all potential threats.
The NPS business covers Liberty Island and nearby Ellis Island and was converted into a museum of immigration in 1990. The 12-
Acre Liberty Island includes the statue itself, the surviving part of the fort where the base is located, the Park Police management building and its staff residences.
A wide walkway leads from the pier through the Executive Building on the left to a huge circular park area.
The corridor appears from the circle on the right, leading visitors to the entrance of the statue.
These paved areas and monuments include the lobby on the first floor (
The remains of Fort Bedlow)
Museum and observation deck on the second floor (On the base)
, Through the hollow body of the statue leading to the narrow spiral staircase of the Crown.
But visitors also come to the island for a picnic and enjoy spectacular views of the New York City skyline.
Although no major events have occurred in recent years-
The last noteworthy event was the burning device that exploded at 1980 s. -
The Park Police were not complacent about it.
Instead, they have stepped up security measures with the funds allowed.
In the past few years, improvements have included the addition of dogs trained in bomb detection and upgrading to CCTV surveillance systems.
The core of island defense remains the United States. S.
\"We have a complete Department here,\" Park Police said . \"
Guddemi, site of personal safety specialist.
Park Police are always on the island, he noted.
\"We patrol seven days a week.
\"Just like the Statue of Liberty, depending on the perspective, the Park Police can stand or stride forward directly to show many faces to the public.
Police patrol on foot as part of the bike force, enabling them to bypass the open grounds faster.
They also have fixed pillars, such as the entrance to the statue and the communication center. Access control.
Geography is an ally of security when access control is involved.
Because the territory is an island, the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island ferry can only enter through approved transportation.
\"People are counted down from the ship,\" goodmi said . \".
Throughout the day, the Park Police knew how many people were on the island.
At the end, the personnel follow specific procedures to \"sweep\" the statue from the Crown to the base to the ground.
\"We will not let the last ship leave until we are sure there is no one on the island,\" he explained . \".
When visitors move from the boat to the monument, they see the sign (
Similar to the mainland pier they boarded)
Warn them that they cannot enter with specific items such as weapons or drugs.
As they approached the entrance to the monument, they came to a slender tent area on the sidewalk made up of Park Police.
Under the tent, the people of the bar lined up to attract tourists in an orderly manner through the double entrance door. (
Tents provide shade for people in line, waiting up to three hours during the tourist season. )
The park is also replacing trash cans around tents with bombs --
Socket resistance (made by TSSI).
Contract security personnel operate metal detectors and x-
The light machine of the hall checkpoint, the original torch of the statue is there (
Replaced on 1984)
Make a first impression.
The probe, installed in 1995, is effective, and guns and knives are one of the seized contraband, goodmi said.
Because it is a violation of federal law to bring these items to the island, the person caught will be charged accordingly.
Staff, franchisees and contractors who must work on the island clean up in advance and get color --
The coded ID badge to wear.
Goodmi says this provides Park police with an easy way to see who belongs to the island during off-hours. Surveillance.
Last year, the agency decided it was time to redesign its CCTV system dating back to the 1980 s.
The project resulted in the installation of 42 cameras to feed back the video to a designed communication center where images can be viewed in real time and images recorded on the video recorder.
Now, the security department can monitor every step visitors take across the hotel and within the statue, Guddemi said.
However, speaking of this, in addition to the simple things, Jordan Havell, president of Total Recall Corporation, said his company handled the project from concept to completion.
\"This is not a regular environment,\" he said . \"
\"You\'re not just pulling the truck to the job site to start work.
Everything is going by boat.
\"To avoid disturbing visitors, workers are only allowed to enter during off-hours.
\"Our staff work all night,\" Heilweil said . \".
To add to the difficulties, the installers had to deal with many restrictions as they worked on a national monument.
For example, he said, \"We actually have people install cameras, hang cameras and shells with ropes, and run wires because there is no way to use ladders or lifts.
\"It is also impossible to drill into the structure where the camera is installed.
This requires Heilweil\'s company to brainstorm with Pelco, which provides potstilt-
Zoom cameras with fixed CCTV cameras and Sony offer customized installation and other solutions. (
USIS helps with the installation. )
Another complicated problem is the extreme contrast of the lighting that the camera has to deal.
On the Crown, for example (
Whose 25 windows represent 20?
Five natural gems in the world)
\"You\'re in a small area with lots of windows and direct sunlight,\" Heilweil said . \".
Or, at night, the statue lights up from the ground.
He explained that these conditions caused serious highlights and backlight conditions.
With the camera selected, it can produce a good image, not just highlight the outline of the person in the case.
Due to its sensitivity under lower light conditions, black and white formats are used.
By installing the fiber to bring the video back to the communication center, the video quality has also been improved as the fiber is not subject to any interference, unlike the copper wiring it replaces.
Motion detection is also built into the internal camera.
When the Statue of Liberty was outside the harbor, pan-tilt-
The zoom camera is placed on the outside of the central part of the monument base, running the program mode of scanning the island.
The video is sent to the communication center, where it passes through the mu1tiplexers that switch between cameras and displays the sorted images on the operator\'s monitor.
If the operator finds a problem, they can remind an official who is already in that areaway radio. (
The communication center can also make general announcements using a public address system across the island. )
As an example of how the monitoring system works, Guddemi cites a visitor\'s case where he was seen putting something in the trash can before entering the monument.
He retrieved the item when he left.
Once the communication operator sees this suspicious behavior on the camera, an officer is reminded.
The item turned out to be a drug and the man was arrested.
Operators also use cameras to monitor the waters around the island, along with the airspace above it.
If the small ships are too close, the police will be alerted and they will use the US Navy. S.
The Park Police ship went out to investigate.
There are usually only curious people, but sometimes people who are in distress or have problems with ships, officials are able to help, goodmi said.
Similarly, helicopters are not allowed to fly directly over the island because they fly very low and can pose a danger to monuments and tourists.
When cctv finds out they are too close, the operator will notice the incident and report it to the authorities.
They can print a single image as proof of the event. Training. All U. S.
Park police, whether sent to Liberti or any other national park in the country, mustattend an 18-
A week-long police training course is held at the federal law enforcement training center in glenko, Georgia.
After graduation, the person assigned to the New York office in charge of the Statue of Liberty took another 12-
A one-week field training course to help prepare them for the protection of any website within the jurisdiction of the New York office.
Training includes techniques such as arrest procedures and gun training. (
All officers are armed. )
Officials sent to the island will then receive specific on-site introductions.
As part of this guidance, officials were trained in cultural sensitivity because the Statue of Liberty received many tourists from all over the world, where cultural differences were large.
Additional training for some officials to become emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
Although as part of NPS non-safety personnel, specialized EMT personnel work on the island.
Police officers must also undergo prescribed medical examinations every six months to demonstrate that they meet fitness standards.
They are tested in factors such as body fat, flexibility, and agility.
Results were weighted by age and gender.
For example, to get the highest score, 30-year-
The old man must run a mile and a half in 10 minutes;
Women of the same age must complete the trial within 12 minutes.
To help security officials meet the requirements, an exercise facility is provided in a room on Ellis Island.
Assigned to bike patrols, SWAT teams and K-
Nine bomb investigation teams(
Officers must have three years of experience in order to be qualified for the work of the special unit. )
About K-
For example, officials from nine units went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to train with a specific dog, K-
The unit that works with Scout, Labrador.
Goodmi said that once they completed their training in Alabama and came to the island, the dogs lived with the officers to further strengthen the connection between them.
K-the most typical problem encountered
Nine teams are left unattended, Dawson said.
But these teams were also used to clean islands and ferries before special VIP events.
From stars to politicians, there is a steady stream of public figures on the island.
Celebrities visiting the Statue of Liberty include Swedish King Christopher Reeves, first lady Hillary Clinton, and actors and staff who filmed the film.
Some scenes were filmed there. Awareness.
Non-security personnel on the island, including some 150 interpretive administrators, museum staff and maintenance staff, did not receive any formal safety training in any form, however, they did a geographic safety awareness briefing, remind them to provide more eyes and ears for the police.
As a result, saysGuddemi said: \"They reminded us of unattended, suspicious garbage.
\"They also know that visitors can call the police if they do not comply with the restrictions.
The biggest problem is that tourists in the face of hot weather will wait and their temper will burst.
When visitors are told they have to start leaving the statue, the dispute is most likely to happen at the end of the day, even if they haven\'t finished 354-
Climb the Crown step by step.
Visitors did not realize that the staff had to close the monument down from the top before the last time, as it would take an entire hour and a half to clean up the island.
Ranger Mark Rekshynskyj says people get angry when they are asked to leave.
The staff tried to reason with them, he said, but \"if you express it in two or three different ways and you don\'t reach that person, the best thing to do is radio dispatch. \" Emergencies.
Park police plan and train for various emergencies such as fires.
\"They just let visitors through occasional evacuation drills by announcing on the PA system that they have a temporary emergency and need people to leave calmly and safely,\" Guddemi said . \".
They also had desktop training with officers before.
Call the meeting hours.
These meetings are used to review agreements, such as what to do in a medical emergency.
In fact, a medical emergency is the most common situation on the island because of the number of tourists, the heat and the effort needed to climb the monument.
\"People don\'t know how laborious it is and how to wear it,\" goodmi explained . \".
The result is an average of 400 medical emergencies between Liberty and Ellis Island each year, of which about 10 are serious enough to require helicopter treatment on the island.
Police officers in the Park maintain a continuous relationship with regional hospitals to ensure that patients are properly received.
Park police also worked with other agencies to deal with other emergencies, including the New York City Police Department, the New York City Fire Department, and the United States Fire Department. S.
The Coast Guard, the federal protection force and the FBI.
Park Police, for example, regularly liaise with the FBI terrorism task force.
This connection is reinforced whenever a specific reason for coordination.
For example, in July, the port area hosted OpSail 2000-per week-
Long Boat celebrations from all over the world.
President Clinton is expected to attend with 80,000 ships in the port.
SaysGuddemi said that, like any major event, this increases the possibility that opportunistic terrorists will use interference.
Therefore, the free island usually opens for 364 days each year (
Except for Christmas)
It will be closed on July 4 and will be highly vigilant.
The prospect of freedom
Park services constantly assess environmental threats and future needs.
\"There will always be changes,\" said Superintendent Dyson . \"
This applies to the nature of the threat and what measures must be taken to deal with it, she said.
Of course, funding for security operations is always tight in both the government and the private sector, but Dyson sees reasons for optimism, citing recent upgrades to official units such as the addition of the SWAT force and the K-
9 seconds, to CCTV system and other equipment.
Overall, the government has \"recognized what we need,\" she said \".
But the supervisor is also very realistic.
There are 378 National Parks competing for the same federal funds.
\"They also need money relative to safety.
\"It\'s very difficult,\" she said . \"
\"We have to take turns to appreciate and understand that only so much money can move around.
\"The funding war is not new to the Statue of Liberty.
After the French raised money for the statue, Americans were expected to pay for the pedestal.
But 1800 is not much different from today.
The media were critical of the huge price tag, and people in the heart felt there was no reason to donate for a statue that would live in New York, and Congress refused to pay federal funds.
Joseph Pulitzer, Hungarian immigrant and influential newspaper owner, put his media power on the statue, turned public opinion, and money flowed in.
Fortunately, although the Statue of Liberty is made of copper and does not have a thickness of two pence, her face is not thin for this problem.
Over time, she has changed from being besieged by critics to being loved by the American people. S.
Citizens from coast to coast.
By 1924, when the government declared her a national monument, no one would dream of questioning the suitability of the honor.
The statue has also become a powerful symbol of democracy advocates around the world.
For example, on 1989, China\'s freedom fighters held a personal freedom parade in Tiananmen Square.
Of course, like any famous face, the Statue of Liberty is from the spoon to the t-
Park administrator Rekshynskyj.
However, the reaction of tourists has not changed.
He said she still kept what she meant, \"the incarnation of freedom. \" Sherry L.
Harowitz is the editor of security management.
Special thanks to Sergeant Charles J.
Goodmi provided him with information and the help of the monument tour.
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