Analysis on processing technology of original wooden door logs

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-12
The structure of the original wooden door Wood is also the material basis of wood properties and wood utilization. Therefore, from the requirements of wood utilization, understanding and mastering the structure of wood is of great significance for selecting appropriate wood, improving the use value of wood and reducing waste, therefore, it is very important to process wood. Sawing uses a saw to divide or cut the wood into two parts and convert the wood in the middle of the two parts into sawdust, which is called sawing. Sometimes a saw is used to slot the product. Sawing is the most widely used and earliest wood cutting technology in wood cutting. Milling is a widely used wood cutting method. Milling is to use the cutting edge as the mother Line to rotate around the fixed axis, and the cutting edge cuts the workpiece to form the cutting surface. The characteristic of milling is that the cutting thickness varies with the position where the blade cuts into the workpiece. According to a predetermined surface, the connection between Wood on the workpiece is cut by a tool to obtain the required size, shape and roughness of the product. This process is called wood cutting. To complete a wood cutting process, three elements must be possessed, namely, tool, workpiece and movement. In most cases of wood cutting, the workpiece is cut off a relatively deformed layer of tissue called chip to obtain the product. Planing is similar to milling. The various sides of the wood are flat, and the use of special-shaped workpieces for processing solid wood is not too much. However, it is indeed a very important link in the processing of wood raw materials. Drilling furniture and wooden door parts sometimes requires processing of various types of grooves and holes. These holes and grooves are a very important processing procedure in the processing technology of furniture and wooden doors. The processing quality directly affects the strength and quality of the combined wood. Drilling is the process of cutting the workpiece by feeding the rotating drill bit along the axis direction of the drill bit. Different types of drill bits should be used to process holes and grooves of different diameters. This has the greatest impact on the whole wood decoration. Grinding is one of the widely used processes in wood cutting, furniture and wood door processing. Grinding can be used to eliminate the defects such as ripples, burrs and groove marks left on the surface of wood products in the previous process, so as to obtain a relatively smooth surface on the surface of parts and lay a certain foundation for painting at the back. Grinding is different from milling and planing. The latter often produces destructive unevenness that is difficult to eliminate due to inverse texture cutting. In addition, the development of high-power and high-precision broadband Sander, it provides ideal equipment for the fixed thickness size standard and surface finishing of large-format wood-based panels, plywood finished materials and spliced panels.
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