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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
Overall, Old Delhi is a picture of chaos, rickshaws, coachmen, strollers and crowds.
But in this part of the city where I venture into the walls, none of them
Pahari Imli outside bürle Hana.
Its lanes are mainly steps and slopes for walkers only, twice at a time.
It reminds me of its similarities to old Muslim cities like Damascus in Jerusalem, though they are much cleaner!
Through this maze of sharp shoulder and steep slopes, through the matchbox house that looks unstable, meeting the eyes of strangers --
A lot of the time, I went from behind the curtains, at a paan shop here, at a tailor\'s establishment there, to find the hazrsat Shah Waliullah Public Library,of-a-
The kind community altruistic efforts of today\'s individualist people-eat-man times.
When paanwallah finally pointed to a small wooden door with a rather old and tired look a few meters away, a man on the street overheard my inquiry about him, passing it on to another person standing near that door, he said, \"visitors to the library.
\"A few minutes from 1 and the last one told us it was time to close the library for lunch.
I know, it reopens at 3.
However, turning the key in the lock and introducing himself as a librarian, Mohammed Sheffe kulehi, said, \"The library has to be open when visitors come.
It keeps the library alive.
\"The small door leads to a small room, which is filled with books on the bookcase glued to the wall.
In the middle is a short table, the size of four tables
Sit at the table on the old blue carpet.
Take off your shoes, step on the carpet, take out the book and sit down and read, which is obviously the design.
Quraishi comes to the library at 10 every day. m.
Except Sunday.
\"But if you really want to see the crowd here, come between 10 and 11 in the evening. m.
It was the only library in Delhi that was open so late, \"he said, quietly entering the tone of pride.
So who is its user?
\"Because we have the rarest books in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, we have gained a lot of research scholars from universities around the world.
They usually come during the day.
\"At night, most people come from nearby areas to read old books and also to read newspapers and magazines,\" he added . \".
The phone rang and turned out to be the brain behind the idea of Muhammed Naem, a walled city resident.
He said that the library is run by the Delhi Youth Welfare Association and will soon arrive at the library to participate in the dialogue (DYWA), an NGO he co-Established in 1992.
Naem takes you to 1987 to tell the thoughts behind this effort, when community riots in old Delhi led to a curfew for four days.
He and some young people helped provide the necessities for the residents.
\"Although there is a curfew outside, we can reach the Turkman Gate through the internal route.
We got people\'s supplies from there and it felt good to do it.
After the curfew was lifted, we met at my house as usual and told each other, \"Let\'s do something that people will remember us \".
They focus on collecting old books and create a community space where people can read books, newspapers and meet each other.
They were named after Shah valleura, an Islamic scholar who first translated the Quran into Urdu.
The group of enthusiastic 16 young men brought books from home for the first time.
\"Then we asked people around about donating old books and even visiting the United States. P.
Looking for their town.
\"On Sunday, we will go to nesarak and turn over the old books,\" he added . \".
Piles are getting bigger and bigger.
This Today-
The library has about 20,000 rare roomsof-
In addition to some Hindi and English, print books in Urdu, Arabic, Persian. “We have an 80-year-
Old Hindi Ramayan, 100-year-
Naem said: \"In the old Quran, Bismillah was written in 114 styles, which is a handwritten couplet book by Bahadur Shah Zafar, among which he is also in
In 1992, the library became a part of it when a group of people formed DYWA.
\"After the removal of Babri Masjid, 17 NGOs appeared in Old Delhi.
No one is alive today except us, mainly because they have received foreign funds.
\"We only collect money from our members, so we can do what we want,\" he said . \".
The NGO also provides free study books for excellent poor students in classes 9 to 12 each year and pays admission fees when required.
\"This year, we chose 500 students, 200 from East Germany and 300 from Old Delhi.
He said, pointing to a pile of things in the corner.
\"We also collect old lesson books from students that can be passed on to the poor.
\"Space is a huge problem in the library, though.
Many old books have been packed due to lack of display space.
\"Termite is eating rare books.
\"We have now installed plastic covers on them to protect them,\" he said . \".
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