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[China Door and Window Network] We all know that in addition to the entrance door, a house needs multiple interior doors, and the general interior doors will choose wooden doors. The wooden door is light in texture, natural and simple, and has the advantages of heat insulation, softness and beauty. However, there are many types of wooden doors on the market. According to the materials and techniques, there are common wooden doors, solid wood doors, solid wood finger joints, molded doors and so on. In addition to this, there are differences in wood, and people have difficulty choosing. In fact, no matter what the wooden door, the choice has certain attention to detail. Let's take a look at the wooden door selection precautions!

1. Sound insulation

Indoor door sound insulation is actually a requirement that must be considered when choosing a wooden door, but when buying a door, people tend to ignore it for various reasons. Good indoor wooden doors are not only of good quality, but also effective for sound insulation. Otherwise, when you live in the second bedroom, you can hear the voices or snoring of the family members, not only stunned, but also unable to rest! The interior door sound insulation mainly depends on the materials used in the wooden door. The hollow is definitely worse than the solid sound insulation, and the light weight is generally worse than the mass; in addition, the larger the installation gap of the gate is, the worse the sound insulation effect is. Buying a finished door can be judged by tapping the door panel with your hand.

2, hardware accessories

Hardware is an important factor affecting the service life of wooden doors. General indoor wooden door hardware includes door locks, door hinges, door suction, dustproof strips, and the like. Among them, the hinge is a joint of a door, we must choose thick and durable, heavy weight sometimes need to use three hinges. Door suction is one of the most vulnerable parts, and both suction and strength are important. The interior door lock is actually decorated mainly, and the anti-theft is second, as long as it is easy to open and close, the appearance is beautiful.

3, pay attention to the opening fee and glass fee

Some people, kitchens or bathrooms when installing doors, in order to adjust lighting, often open holes in the solid wood door, add glass. Generally go to the store to buy the finished door, if you want to open the hole and add glass, you often need extra charges. Before you buy, you should negotiate the price with the merchant. Generally, you should add more than 100 yuan per door. The glass may be more expensive.

4, white wooden doors may add money

We all know that wooden doors are made of many materials and have various appearances, and the colors are also various. The common wooden doors are amber, mahogany, rose, white, etc. Among them, if you choose white wooden doors, the price given by the merchants It may be higher than the wooden doors of other colors, because the white paint is more demanding than other colors, and the cost is higher. Of course, as long as your bargaining power can, you can also cut off these extra charges.

5, door cover installation

There are also two common ways to install the door cover: 45 degree angle stitching and 90 degree right angle stitching. In comparison, the 45-degree splicing process requires higher time, longer time, and more aesthetics. However, due to the longer installation time, many wooden door businesses start to use 90-degree splicing in order to save labor costs. Of course, if you think that 90 degrees is good, it doesn't matter. This is just a matter of appearance.

6, the door cover price

In most cases, we buy indoor wooden doors are a whole set of buy, the price is also a set of pricing, a set of prices including door fans, hardware, door sets, manual installation fees, etc., but in general, in addition to a few rooms Outside the door, you may need to pack some window covers or gargles. The price of these door sets is not cheap. A doorway door cover is about 5 meters in length, and the door cover is priced in meters, ranging from tens to hundreds of meters. Sometimes the door cover is more expensive than the door. So if it is not necessary, try not to buy the door cover separately!

Regarding the relevant content of the wooden door selection precautions, Xiao Bian introduced it to everyone here, I hope to help everyone! Good wooden doors are not only excellent in quality, but also beautiful in appearance, which can bring people a better life experience!

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