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On Saturday morning, the News reported the latest employment digital debate;
Focus on jobs in manufacturing plants in Indiana;
The terrorists were extradited to the United States. S. ;
Influence of Latino voters;
Tunisians were questioned in the Libyan attack;
The Scottish dialect is extinct;
Chavez\'s chances of re-election;
The MIT drug lab scandal
Reading the body language of politicians aired on October 6, 2012
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Randi kaye, cnn anchor: Good morning, everyone. I\'m Randi Kaye.
Victor Blackwell is on vacation today.
The East Coast is now 8: 00 and 5: 00 in the morning. m. out west.
Thank you very much for starting a new day with us.
We start with the latest employment figures.
They are providing ammunition for the white house fighting.
The Labor Department said it created 114,000 jobs in September, with an unemployment rate of 7. 8 percent.
It\'s a drop of 0.
From 3 per cent in August.
The Obama and Romney campaign have made a lot of progress on these figures, and of course they are on the opposite side.
Paul Steinhauser, CNN political editor, joined us this morning.
Good morning, Paul.
So one month before election day, it\'s hard to believe that there\'s no bigger problem than employment, right?
Paul steinhauser, CNN political editor: No doubt, Randi, you\'re right.
After a week when you think the president is coming out of Denver\'s debate is tough, the number of jobs is a good sign of his re-election, a good sign of his re-electionelection team.
But Romney is fascinating, Randy, because the unemployment rate has fallen below 8% for the first time since the current president, Obama joined the White House in January 20.
Over the past year and a half, you \'ve heard Mitt Romney run over and over again because he\'s been running for the White House, criticizing the president on the unemployment rate of over 8%.
Less than 8% now.
It\'s time for Sir.
Romney has to move from his favorite course.
Listen to the reaction of the two candidates to the number of jobs yesterday. (
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President Barack Obama: Today\'s news should give us some encouragement.
This should not be an excuse for the other side to try to keep the economy down to try to get some political scores.
This reminds us that this country has gone too far now to look back. FORMER GOV. MITT ROMNEY (R-MA)
Presidential candidate: it looks like the unemployment rate is getting better.
But the fact is that if the number of people who are working today is the same as the day the president was elected, our unemployment rate will be around 11%.
This is the real reality of what happened outside. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stan Houser: you hear Mitt Romney voting there now, talking about the actual unemployment rate of 11%, so I--
I think this is the focus of his unemployment report yesterday.
Randy, why is it all important?
As you mentioned above, the economy is by far the number one problem for Americans.
Look at this.
This is the result of the CNN/ORC International survey.
We did that about a week ago, before the first debate, but I don\'t think it will change people\'s opinion.
So far, the economy remains the top priority in the hearts of the United States.
This has been the case since the end of 2007 in the United States. S.
The economy is in recession. what do Americans think about which candidate is doing better in the economy now?
They were separated in the first debate.
We will take a look at the vote that took place after the first debate.
Can you see that number?
48%. that really shows everything.
In the eyes of American voters, the economy is the most important issue. what is the most important economic problem? -Randi.
Kay: That\'s why there is such a heated debate about recent employment figures.
Thank you very much, Paul.
Last month, we added 114,000 jobs to look at the latest figures for manufacturing jobs.
16,000 jobs have been lost in the industry.
But manufacturing is an important industry for many swing states, especially in Ruster, including small towns like Indiana Goshen.
This is the background that our Ted rowland has given us these numbers. (Start Video)
CNN reporter TED ROWLANDS:. .
Indiana Goshen design company in earkhart County, Indiana.
This is an area that has been hit hard during the recession.
We\'re talking about the unemployment rate of 18%, which is worse, but things are back.
At Wieland, they do things like seat covers on airline seats.
They cover the auto industry.
They made it too.
Furniture, custom furniture.
They do a lot of different things and they have a lot of job openings right now.
In fact, they have added about 70 jobs in the past year alone, from 145 to about 210, and they are looking for more qualified people.
The problem is that it is difficult for them to fill these positions.
Now the unemployment rate in the county is still 8%, so people will think that people will knock on the door for these jobs.
We\'re talking good.
There are jobs with full benefits, but they are having trouble filling these positions and have been there for quite some time.
The CEO is Kip Wieland.
Tell us, KIPP.
You have some vacancies now.
Is there any problem?
Why don\'t you bring people in?
Why so hard?
Kip wieland, CEO of wieland designs: Well, we have a big manufacturing base in this area and there are a lot of talented people.
We just don\'t have enough.
Since about a year ago, we have about 70 people working in the factory.
We also need about 15 to 20 more to really have the right capacity and get rid of overtime on a consistent basis, so I--I think that --
Roland: you are competing with the RV industry, the boating industry and two industries that will really come back, so there is almost a war here for the quality of the talent.
WIELAND: these industries are very unstable.
When they get up, they get up.
They came back soon, but they left soon too.
What happened here is a little more stable.
We can adjust the load better.
So when they get up, we have-
We must fight a little more for the people who are employed here.
Roland: What\'s interesting is that we found some people collecting unemployment data.
Of course, these unemployment benefits have been extended and they choose not to come back to work because they believe that they will still exist when their benefits expire.
Of course, this is the frustrating part of the equation.
Weilan: Something is happening.
We can\'t concentrate.
There\'s nothing we can do.
What we can try to do is do as much pre-
Preliminary confirmation and testing of who is--who is --
Who invested well--to train.
You know, we train as much as we can, a lot of training.
Roland: The bottom line is that if you\'re looking for a job, want to be a sewer, or line up here to work, there\'s even some front desk work at Wieland Designs in Goshen, Indiana.
They have jobs--several.
Thank you, Ted.
Most of the job cuts in manufacturing last month were not in places like Wieland design, but in the fields of computers, electronics and printing.
In other news overnight, three suspected terrorists arrived in New York after being extradited from London, including the notorious Abu Hamza. Masri.
He had a hook in his hand and called Osama bin Laden a hero.
Radical clergy and four others are wanted for several crimes committed against the United States. S. in the 1990s.
Some of them are expected to appear in court tomorrow.
A teenager in Texas has been charged with murder for the death of two family members.
The police took 17-year-
Old Jack Evans was detained earlier this week.
Investigators said he called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had just shot and killed his mother and 15-year-old sister.
The shooting took place at home.
Investigators believeyear-Act alone.
His father was on a business trip.
Police are searching for 10 missing people in Colorado. year-old.
That\'s the picture of her there.
After Jessica Ridgeway failed to show up at school, she received a yellow alert.
About 50 officials, including police and fire fighters, are looking for her, but she has not yet been found.
We have more this hour.
Let\'s take a look at what\'s going on.
50 million in the United StatesS.
Some analysts say they may decide on the next president, with nearly 24 million people eligible to vote.
We were watching the Latino vote all morning. (
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Unidentified officials: Investigators have made progress in investigating the staff of Ivie agents. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kay: A new theory behind the cruel death of the United StatesS. border agent.
Why did investigators say he might have died in his hand.
500 convicted criminals can be released in Massachusetts. Why?
The chemist is said to have tampered with the evidence in the past nine years. (
Business break)(
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Man: OK.
So we\'re just making a public statement here, supporting the big bird, protecting him, you know, the Big Bird is the best, no matter who you vote for, and we don\'t want to see him lose his job. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kay: you will love our reporter at CNN.
They are smart.
We count down to election day.
There\'s another month left.
This morning, we are looking at a group that has received much attention in this campaign, and Latino voters will be closely watched on election day.
Who is doing better in reaching about 23 million potential voters?
Check out this new CNN/ORC Latino poll.
When asked who did a better job of reaching out to minorities, 77% said Democrats and only 33% chose Republicans, which could be even bigger.
69% say the Democrats are more concerned about Latinos.
In contrast, the Republican support rate is only 24%.
In stark contrast to a group of voters, these may be the key to many of the important swing states we\'re talking about, but keep in mind that Latino voters don\'t always vote as a group.
As our Soledad O\'Brien reports, there is a growing diversity among Latinos, especially in places like Manhattan. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CNN reporter soleda O\'Brien (voice-over)
This store is called escondition do, which is hidden, but the Mexican goods it sells are not hidden secrets.
Louise Salazar
Owner of escondition: you see more and more products and cheese from Mexico and these kinds of pharmaceutical products, are more interested in Mexican chocolate, you also see changes in population structure, people
O\'Brien: these are high
Escondition do has begun to accept pesos, and chocolate and cultural artworks are so popular that they have not only won the highest dollar.
Salazar: There are many Mexicans and many pesos.
It makes more sense to be able to accept them as a way for people who have always been in stores to provide public services.
O\'Brien: Mexicans also took Manhattan and moved to places where Puerto Ricans and Dominican people used to run bodegas and beauty shops.
Francis Santiago, a resident of New York :(INAUDIBLE)
Many Dominican and Puerto Ricans, also working in factories, hair salons, nail shops, you know, from there they get better, some of them you see their shopkeepers now, their own clothing stores, cell phone stores, dealers, like I think people from Mexico can do the same here.
O\'Brien: The Mexican-born population will soon surpass the Dominican and Puerto Ricans in New York, and more Dominican leave, not just move up, but move out.
Latino political adviser moises perez: Mexicans are now willing to come directly from Mexico to work on low income and endure some of the exploitation that the Dominican Republic suffered a few years ago.
O\'Brien: Rodrigo Abrajan said he found New York immigrants to be friendly and full of opportunities.
At the age of six, he started working in the kitchen in New York and then sold the taco from the trolley, taco truck, taco stand, who is now the owner of four Mexican restaurants.
Rodrigo abrajan, boss of la fonda: You have to work very hard, I--
I never thought it would be so successful. -
Like we do now.
O\'Brien: O\'Brien, CNN reporter. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Kay: in this election, we learned more about the role of Latino voters.
At 10: 00 eastern time, Maria Cardona and Amy Holmes will tell us what is right and wrong with their respective parties.
The discussion with the two of them is always warm.
Keep in mind that be sure to listen to CNN\'s special documentary, Latinos in the United States: get their votes.
Presided over by soleda O\'Brien.
That\'s 8: 00 tomorrow night. m.
Only on CNN.
There is a new football team in town, but this one is in India.
In fact, there is a brand new American Football League there, but will it continue? (
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Kay: In Turkey, two Tunisians were questioned for last month\'s deadly consulate attack in Libya.
An official said Tunisians were on the US watch list for Turkey.
They are being questioned at the request of the United States. S.
Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed in the attack.
The 48 hostages hijacked by Syrian rebels are running out of time.
In this video, the rebels want their demands to be met within two days or they will start killing hostages believed to be Iranian pilgrims.
The opposition has called on Syria to release rebel prisoners and stop killing civilians.
This is not expected to happen before today\'s deadline.
S. Defense Secretary Panetta says Afghan President Hamid Karzai will thank the American army for its sacrifices, not criticism.
His remarks came after Karzai accused the United StatesS.
It has not done enough to combat terrorism in neighboring Pakistan.
Relations between the United States and the United StatesS.
Pakistan\'s economy has been declining in recent months.
Other news is now making headlines around the world, starting with the Vatican, where Pope Benedict XVI\'s former housekeeper was sentenced to 18 months in prison for leaking confidential documents.
Paul Gabriel was convicted of theft this morning.
According to his leaked documents, the book reveals the possible corruption of the Catholic Church hierarchy.
Gabriel told the court that he leaked the documents out of love for the church and felt like a thief.
American football is a new sport in India, hoping to gain more popularity.
The new league consists of teams from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
They have names like Delhi defender.
Some former NFL stars, such as Mike diteca, support the program and many coaches are actually Americans. (
Start Video Editing)
Coach evley Tony Simmons: We have people like this all over the place, you know, we have some (INAUDIBLE)
People who never exercise
We have a guy named Sticks, 6 feet 5, sitting in the hotel. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sports experts say the biggest challenge is how to combat cynicism and train players.
Go to Russia now-year-
Believe it or not, the old boy found the remains of a long-haired elephant that stretched out from the frozen mud.
Scientists named the boy who found the mammoth elephant \"Zhenya \".
It may have a history of more than 20,000 years.
Scientists say it may have been killed by people in the ice age.
A dialect of Scotland has disappeared.
The only speaker of the Scottish dialect died yesterday. He was 92.
Linguists say the dialect is unique because it is the only Germanic language that does not use what \"wh\" sounds like or where.
In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez, who is the outspoken critic of the United States and one of Latin America\'s leading left-wing figures, is now running for another term.
Our Paula Newton is now with us from Caracas, Venezuela.
Paula, 13 years after taking office, is there a terrible crime across the country, soaring inflation, and severe poverty that voters really want?
Paula Newton, cnn international correspondent: Well, we\'re here to call it the Chavista revolution Randi, you know, even though all this is true, the industries he\'s nationalized have filled him up with these government coffers, his government proposed, yes, that they shared the wealth, which is true, even under the United States. N.
Venezuela today has fewer people living in poverty than when Chavez took office.
You know, Randy, there\'s a feeling here that, you see, his time is over, and it\'s not just because he beat cancer.
He claimed he had cancer.
Free, but I can tell you during the campaign that he doesn\'t look very healthy.
There is a feeling that the Chavez revolution, the left-wing Socialist revolution he started, may be weakening.
The problem here is Randi, who took the money from those government coffers and they didn\'t really put that much into it.
If you start with an oil infrastructure, all the way to Caracas\'s roads, capital or areas with a lot of electricity, this is a country facing financial threats.
They say it may be possible to default next year, and there will certainly be a financial restructuring, which may mean a devaluation of the currency here ---Randi.
Kay: Paula, what is really at stake for the United States. S.
In this election?
Newton: You know, almost 10% of the natural gas in the United States comes from this country, which may surprise a lot of people.
This is an opaque country.
When we go to the gas station to refuel, any kind of instability can bring a little price shock.
But in addition, Chavez has been provoking the United States.
He still calls America an imperialist, he must have a lot of people on his side, he is considered the leader of the kind of rebound against the United StatesS.
The power in this area is really great.
It\'s so interesting, you know.
You\'re talking about Leon Panetta.
He just said yesterday that we want to give up the role.
South America is a very different place.
So it\'s interesting.
This is indeed the end of an era, and in many different ways, it does mean that in different times in which South America is involved in one way or another.
You know, Chavez is probably the beginning of the whole routine change.
That being said, his opponent Enrique Capri is a 40-year-
Old lawyer, marathon runner Randy, is very energetic and has been in the country for six months.
This will be as close as any election they see in Venezuela.
KAYE: of course.
Paula Newton, thank you very much, for broadcasting live for us from Caracas this morning.
Mitt Romney\'s campaign demands that the community restaurant now face death threats.
The demands of the campaign and the reaction of the owners triggered such an extreme rebound.
But first, on a shady road near downtown Dallas, bail guarantors, liquor shops, and the closure of the Avenue to the city\'s tortillas.
Ed lavadala takes you to this hidden gem, which has become the ultimate experience in Texas in this week\'s travel insider. (Start Video)
Ed Rawanda, cnn correspondent: If I tell you that you will not only be in Dallas, Texas, but the entire state of Texas is hidden in this gas station, you will find some of the best tortillasFuel City.
You won\'t find this place in some fancy photos of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.
This is an old road.
You have to drive past a bunch of bail bond shops, some liquor shops, and even a few closed strip shops, but it\'s worth the drive.
Unidentified male: We will take you to the place where magic is made. Check it out.
You have beef.
You have chicken.
You have pork. You\'ve got (INAUDIBLE).
The peppers and grilled onions are delicious.
Lavadela: The fuel city is a bit like a Texas steroid where you can see real Longhorn, some donkeys, a car wash, not much car wash for a windmill.
It\'s a bit like Texas. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Kay: it\'s time.
Welcome back. I\'m Randi Kaye.
Here are a few stories we are reading this morning.
There has been some new progress in the shooting that killed an American. S.
Border Patrol personnel-
The FBI now thinks he may have died from friendly fire. 30-year-
Old Nicholas Evey was shot dead in Arizona this week.
Initially officials said Ivie and his colleagues who were injured in the incident were attacked after responding to a sensor, but authorities said the only shell found at the scene was the shell belonging to the agent.
Ivie is the third border patrol person killed this year while on mission.
After that, Colorado issued an Amber Alert. year-
Old Jessica Ridgeway is missing on her way to school.
The search was delayed as the girl\'s mother did not immediately know she was missing.
The mother, who was on the night shift, fell asleep over a phone call from a school official, saying she had not arrived yet.
Police have searched the surrounding area but found nothing.
Death threats, threatening phone calls, and malicious emails are all because they refuse to be the station of the campaign for Mitt Romney.
This is a response from the Mexican restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
The cafe has been a community agency for many years and the boss from Mexico is Mormon.
They said they just didn\'t want to be a campaign tool, but did not expect such an extreme rebound.
The owners said they had received hundreds of threatening phone calls and emails.
Surprise October for politics and who created the phrase clearly knows what they are talking about.
After only six days, they were packed this month.
As we told you, an employment report shook the campaign, but it was not just the economy that made people talk about.
Many people are still buzzing with the first face.
Between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and whether the president
Thanks to what his team said was lackluster performance, election opportunities were hit.
Our John King and Wolf Blitzer talked about some games.
The changing moments in the history of the presidential debate. (Start Video)
John King, CNN\'s Chief National Correspondent: Let\'s look back at the history, look at the Wolves, and let\'s start with 1980.
Watching the Carter/Reagan campaign play out in the polls here is their only debate.
If you look at it, Ronald Reagan came from the back and was actually slightly ahead of Jimmy Carter.
The question is, is this actor ready to be president?
Many people think this is the time to reach an agreement.
Former US president Ronald Reagan: Are you better off than you were four years ago?
Are it easier for you to go to the store to buy things than four years ago?
Is there more or less unemployment in this country than four years ago?
Is America respected?
Kim: Fast forward to 2000, Bush and Gore, we know how close the game is at the end.
Look at the ups and downs of the game, after the Republican convention. George W.
Bush and Gore resumed their hunting after his convention.
The first debate with Gore was about to begin, but it was him who sighed and turned his eyes.
Look, Gore\'s down.
Then in the second debate, the moment you just talked about, Rob Portman prepared George W for Gore. Bush for this. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
Former US president George w. Bush: this is the issue of this campaign.
This is not only your philosophy and your position on the issue, but also the reason why you can get things done.
I believe I can.
Former US Vice President Gore: OK.
How about Dingle-Norwood bill? (END VIDEO CLIP)
King: George W had a priceless moment there. Bush.
He was, of course, very narrow, but after that debate, he built up a little bit of his lead and kept it until the end.
Recently in 2004, George W.
Bush for re-electionelection;
Similarly, it was a close match against John Kerry for a long time.
George W after the first debate
Bush stepped down and a lot of people said he was wobbling in the debate and I didn\'t answer very well about the Iraq war, but then he stabilized the game a little and finally, in the final debate, looking at this is almost parallel.
Bush was strong in his last debate, building links on faith. (
Start Video Editing)
Bush: It\'s very personal.
I pray for strength.
I pray for wisdom.
I pray for our army.
I pray for my family
I pray for my little girl
Prayer and religion support me.
I got calm in the storm of the presidency. (END VIDEO CLIP)
King: stay calm during the storm during President George w. Bush\'s termBush.
Starting from that debate, he continued to take the lead and won that election. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Now I\'m with CNN\'s writer and Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen.
Good morning, Hillary. Both critics --
Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen: Good morning, Randy. KAYE: --
Supporters of President Obama say he did well in the debate.
Now that we have some data that at the same time gives a boost to the president\'s economy and takes away the key Republican line of attack, we all know well that the unemployment rate in the US is still above 8%.
31 days from now, what more resonance will the voters have with Hillary Clinton?
Is it style or substance?
It\'s a great question, Randy, because I think, you know, there are a lot of theaters here, not just on stage the other night, you know the next day in the media, people talk about acting.
But I think when we see dial-up groups from undecided voters and even CNN groups,-
Other independent groups, you know, people are saying, well, Mitt Romney won the debate. -
In style, but that doesn\'t change their mind about the election, and I think the voters are really looking for answers, like these jobs reports I think ---
That\'s why Republicans are doing everything they can to discredit them because of what we\'re saying-
What we see is that we are moving in the right direction.
We find ourselves in trouble, we are moving in the right direction, and I think President Obama is fairly stable --
Eddie will respond to this with respect to this.
Kay: So do you think the jobs report is enough to offset Obama\'s debate performance or will it continue to be compromised?
Rosen: just, I don\'t think there is any comparison.
I mean, the employment report is about real people and real life, and the direction of economic development.
The debate is, yes--
Like I said, it\'s just some important drama. -but if I --
I actually read the debate again yesterday just to get it.
President Obama has not done so badly.
He is much quieter.
He was more thoughtful.
He told a lot of facts.
It\'s just very unstable. But when --
At a critical juncture, President Obama\'s policies, whether to promote the middle class, seek support for education, and do not want to see health care cuts in Romney/Ryan\'s plans, the policy of supporting women is more popular than the policy of Mitt Romney, and I think the Obama team will redouble its efforts in this area in the next few weeks.
Let\'s talk about an article on CNN. com.
You gave President Obama some advice on how to win the first debate. ROSEN: Right.
Kay: I mean, it\'s a great little read.
You wrote: \"My last suggestion is the simplest. Stay nice.
No, you have enough comments, no jokes about the dog on the top of the car, no ranting about how rich Romney is, and no time-gu preaching when his facts are wrong. Just stay nice.
\"So, I mean, I know you said you don\'t think he did that badly, but the president kept calm in all respects.
Maybe it\'s quiet for some of his supporters. -
Did not participate in the attack, did not use Bain Capital, did not use 47% attacks, and--
The overwhelming consensus, of course, is that Romney won.
So, what advice do you have on his next debate?
Do you still say stay calm?
Rosen: Well, you know the first two suggestions in that column may not be very concise, but it seems to me equally important that this election is an option.
This is not a referendum on the president. It\'s a choice.
What policies would you prefer?
We found in the debate that Mitt Romney is a bit off from many of the policies he\'s been talking about, so I don\'t think President Obama has a chance to compare their plans, because every time he talks about what\'s in the Romney plan, Romney says, oh, no, no, it\'s not in my plan, and of course, it\'s been six months.
So, I think we have to go back to that next time.
The second point, when we see--
In America today, you know, we\'re not. -in a state --
Yes, everyone has the economy as the top priority, but people don\'t live in that binary world.
When an immigrant family is worried about whether their children will be deported, they cannot study hard at school as they used. When a woman --
When a mom is worried, you know, paying for her reproductive health, not the family plan, you know, it adds an extra burden to her economic struggle. (CROSSTALK)
Okay, let me--
Rosen: when a gay family has no benefits or is not recognized, you know, the workplace and where they choose to work can become a bigger struggle.
So I really think that some of these were introduced. -
Some of these issues, some of which are more humane, and there are huge differences between the president and Mitt Romney, which will be very important.
Hillary Rosen, CNN contributor, thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
Rosen: Take care, Randy.
KAYE: she tested drug samples from 34,000 criminal defendants in Massachusetts. Next, the mind-
The story of a drug lab chemist accused of tampering with evidence and forging documents is incredible. (
Business break)
Kay: A Massachusetts chemist who has worked at the state drug laboratory for nine years is facing allegations of misconduct.
Anne doken was accused of forging drug results, forging documents and samples of drugs that were not handled properly.
The loss she was accused of could be huge.
Police said she tested drug samples involving 34,000 defendants while working in the laboratory.
Lawyers and judges are now scrambling to deal with the consequences, as are those convicted on the basis of science.
Susan Candiotti is here. (
Start Video Editing)
Susan Candiotti, CNN National Correspondent (voice-over)
Anne doken, a former Massachusetts chemist-
Can you tell us what happened?
CANDIOTTI: the state of Massachusetts has accused doken of tampering with drug evidence that could question at least 34,000 cases dating back to 2003 ---34,000.
She currently faces only three charges.
However, DA estimates that as many as 500 convicted heavy criminals could be released in Boston alone. (on camera)
What a mess is this?
Woman: Susan, we don\'t know yet.
CANDIOTTI: in this laboratory now closed by the state, Dookhan allegedly handled the drugs seized by the police in the trial as evidence.
She allegedly simply looked at the drugs and proved that some of them were cocaine and now tested negative, thus estimating the number of drugs. (voice-over)
She\'s not just writing the wrong thing.
The prosecutor accused her of tampering with the evidence to change the test results.
Unidentified male: she will take known cocaine from where she knows it is cocaine and add them to the sample to make it cocaine. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Incredible story.
Let\'s take a look at Paul Callan, a CNN contributor, and do some legal analysis on this issue.
Good morning, Paul.
Paul callan, CNN legal writer: Good morning, Randi.
KAYE: So what --
What kind of damage did you see here?
It\'s an amazing scandal of scale.
I mean, I met. -
I \'ve looked into it, and it\'s happening in labs elsewhere in the country, you know, a rogue-
Hooligans who make mistakes in a case or give false testimony in court.
But the case involved 60,000 samples of drugs that might have been tested, and there are now thousands of defendants who may be affected by these results.
How will it eventually develop?
All their beliefs could be overturned, and many of them, by the way, are not just drug criminals, but violent criminals.
You may have a drug charge in your conviction, but it may be a rape prosecution or murder prosecution, so this is a huge scandal and danger for the public-KAYE: Yes. CALLAN: --
In Massachusetts.
Kay: I mean, 34,000 cases go back to 2003, in one case, the convicted rapist was released on bail after the scandal was released, and now the fugitive, you mean, if there are these dangerous people outside, the public should be shocked.
CALLAN: Well, they should, I think, you know, some people will come up and say, you know, okay.
They will throw away the amount of drugs, but if he is jailed for rape, he will stay at home for rape.
Not really, because how do we know that the jury is not affected by the fact that this guy is a drug dealer or has drugs when assessing his credibility with rape or murder or other charges?
That\'s what I really worry about.
I don\'t worry about drug crimes;
I\'m afraid violent criminals will be released to Massachusetts and other parts of the country. -KAYE: Right. CALLAN: --
By the way, this is the result of this scandal. (CROSSTALK)KAYE: So what --CALLAN: Yes. KAYE: --
What will eventually happen to the alleged chemist?
Well, she\'s in serious hot water.
I mean, now she\'s only accused of two things: obstruction of justice, and when she testified in many cases, she claims she has a degree, a master\'s degree in chemistry, and apparently she doesn\'t, or she didn\'t. she said where she got it. KAYE: Right.
So they\'re going to fake her.
They will let her get in the way of justice.
The attorney general of the state of Massachusetts said she would face 20 years in prison and very, very serious charges when they finished handling her. KAYE: Yes.
This is a blow to the criminal justice system.
KAYE: she\'s actually estimating that it\'s amazing ---
It is said that the number of drugs is estimated only by visual inspection.
But I\'m curious about how you might have an impact on the drug labs in other states.
I mean, can we see a change in the role of the chemist working there?
CALLAN: Well, I think the lab is going to be more careful when reviewing the staff of these labs, and by the way, this program you\'re talking about is called a dry Programlabbing.
It\'s kind of like you look at a mean person and if it looks like a drug you say \"it\'s a drug \".
\"That\'s what she did.
I think she will see a small bottle of white powder and she will say it looks like cocaine.
Okay, cocaine.
So you have-
These laboratories must be monitored.
We have to make sure people who are capable are running them, but you need the audit process to make sure people are doing their job.
Ironically, with budget cuts, and everything and people who work hard to keep their jobs, she is trying to achieve great results in Massachusetts.
She does three times as much work as others in the lab to show that she is a good employee.
Of course, it will cost the Massachusetts Federation an amazing amount of money in the lawsuit, and they will be in danger when the public tries to clean up the mess. KAYE: Yes. It\'s --
This is an incredible story.
We will follow up.
Paul Callan, nice to meet you this Saturday morning. CALLAN: OK.
Thank you. Kay: Thank you.
Nice to be with you, Randy.
This is a question for you.
What are facial expressions, poses, and fingers?
Give us directions and even embrace the situation that tells us about political candidates?
A body language expert led us through this week\'s big debate. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Man: I\'m 20 years old. year-old student.
I am one of the undecided voters that President Obama and Mitt Romney have to control in this vote.
This is the first time that I will be elected president. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kay: voters, experts, and the media may have looked closely at every word the candidate said in the presidential debate this week, but we\'re fine, looking at things from a different perspective and seeing how flashing, posture and fingers
Directions and even hugs all work.
Body language expert Patty Wood was in the studio with me this morning. -
Good morning to you.
Patty Wood, body language expert: Good morning.
Kay: So I guess when you look-
When you look at the debate, we even use--
Some other debates, but it\'s not just what you say to win the debate, right.
What is it about--
What do you say, what do you look like?
Wood: That\'s right, because so much emotion and power is not communicated. verbally.
A lot of what we read in the marginal brain-
The original brain is through non-Speech act.
Kay: So if we start on Wednesday night and look at the moment Governor Romney and President Obama came to power, tell me what you saw.
Wood: Well, I saw the president shake hands with what I call politicians.
The arm is high, say, I\'m in control, I\'m the alpha here--
Set the tone for how he thought the debate would proceed.
This is the hand on the arm. WOOD: Exactly.
The higher the arm, the more power and control that person shows, which is typical for politicians ---
A high handshake on the arm indicates control.
Kay: that\'s power. OK.
There\'s a lot--
Wood: Have you noticed that they continue to attack each other? -KAYE: Yes --what is that?
Is it a matter of men or a matter of debate.
Wood: That\'s a man\'s business.
I like you, but there are other people watching.
Kay: So when you get back to the podium, when they actually start the debate ---
The president took a lot of heat and there was a lot of criticism that looked down--WOOD: Yes. KAYE: --
He shook his head and nodded frequently. WOOD: Yes.
He wants to exercise restraint in the downward movement.
He was very, very frustrated with Romney talking, overlapping, interrupting, over time, and maintaining the president\'s image, and unfortunately, he did so because he was down his head, this made him lose his strength in the visual field of the audience.
What does it tell the audience?
It tells us--
This made the audience feel that he was defeated.
KAYE: which one is not good--
This is definitely not what you want.
WOOD: Not good.
This is interesting because, although it is closed, it is not the case for us.
KAYE: What about Romney?
He blinked frequently during the debate. WOOD: Yes. Yes.
It shows his nervousness, usually when Obama wins a point in the debate, and you\'ll see Romney often blinks to respond to that ---
Blink more than 70 times per minute, showing a high level of pressure, and then he jumps in, usually turning around and leaving right away once this happens.
You saw him too--
I mean, he did a lot of big moves here, swinging his hands up and down. WOOD: Yes. Yes exactly.
Remember the last time I said what he needed to do in these debates? KAYE: Yes.
Wood: he needs to improve his energy and his gestures. He listened.
That\'s what he did here.
Kay: Do you think he was transferred in?
I think he is.
I also think he was a bit caffeine during this period, just like double espresso.
Look, I think he\'s been up for a few days.
I don\'t know, his eyes are bloodshot, just practicing and rehearsing.
Wood: The energy has changed completely-
I was impressed by this. KAYE: Yes.
We talked about his blink, but what about Obama\'s smile?
Wood: Well, when he wins two points, when he talks about Obama\'s concern, he has a few real smiles.
He entered the point smoothly.
He had a real smile, but he thought that what Romney said was absolutely ridiculous, and most of the smiles were irritating. His smile on Romney is like \"you don\'t know how hard this job is.
It ended in the end. WOOD: Yes.
Kay: Let\'s talk about the last hug and handshake.
What did you see there? WOOD: Yes.
Kay: Well, remember we talked about Obama\'s control at the beginning.
This is the primary effect.
But there is a \"recent\" effect at the end of the debate.
The last thing the audience remembers is very interesting.
Romney did not want to leave the stage.
He stayed there all the time and stretched it out ---he wanted --
He enjoyed the moment.
Wood: he wanted to be the last time we saw \"I won this debate \".
\"He just revels in it, stays, and Obama leaves.
Kay: So what about Obama\'s last body language? Did he seem --
He seems to have a bit of a hunchback. WOOD: He did.
I think it\'s interesting.
I still think he realized he was not doing well.
There is even a point in his concluding remarks that you feel he has given up.
He was very tired near there.
Instead of doing what I wanted him to do, he looked straight at the camera and made a call. KAYE: Right.
So the next debate will take place at the City Hall.
Do you think we will see different body language there?
Wood: Well, I\'m very interested to see if Romney can keep his energy as good as he did here.
I was very interested to see if Obama came to the bar and he did well when there was an audience.
I hope to see some of this charm and warmth.
Kay: Okay.
It\'s always fun.
Thank you so much, Patty.
Thank you for coming in.
My pleasure.
Kay: So it\'s interesting, but we took a serious look at the debate in Colorado.
Of course, what are all comedians talking about?
This is the best late night laugh of the week. (
Business break)
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