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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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Comparison of common indoor door types

At present, in the process of home decoration, the material selection and use of interior doors are gradually valued by the majority of owners. At present, the more common indoor interior doors mainly include paint-free doors, painted doors, steel doors, solid wood doors and ecological doors. Indoor space, security, anti-theft, sound insulation, insulation, beautification of the role of the room.

Paint-free interior door

Paint-free doors are usually price-friendly and vary in color. Most of the paint-free doors are made of keel frame and have a lacquer-free panel with no irritating taste. The disadvantage is that it is used for a short period of time without bumping. Different from the ordinary paint-free door products, the paint-free door that grabs the wooden door uses the high-quality environmentally-friendly resin film imported from Japan, which has the advantages of health and environmental protection, oil stain resistance, stain resistance, abrasion resistance and fading resistance.

Paint interior door

Painted interior doors are usually expensive, and the patterns and colors are richer and more solid than other interior doors, and the use time is relatively long. The disadvantage is that the paint interior doors vary widely in the use of paint, and the environmental protection levels are different, and the impact on health is also very different.

Solid wood interior door

The solid wood interior door is moderately soft and comfortable, with a comfortable touch, good thermal insulation, air leakage prevention and high environmental protection. However, the disadvantage is that the process is complicated, the price is high, the color difference is relatively large, and the deformation is easy to crack.

Steel wood interior door

The steel-wood door is a wooden door with a layer of steel plate, which is very durable. The disadvantage is that the environmental protection is low, and it cannot be smashed by heavy objects, otherwise the recession is permanent and cannot be repaired. At the same time, the use of steel doors at home is easy to give people a feeling of too cold, and the overall warm and environmentally friendly style of the room is quite different.

Ecological door

Eco-gates are a popular category of products. The ecological door is built on the basis of nature, using natural conditions and artificial means to create environmentally friendly building materials. Eco-gate promotes green, natural, healthy and harmonious, and conforms to the fashion trend. Eco-gates are some renewable materials for the selection of materials. The production process has strict and demanding standards, and the common ones are solid wood doors and composite doors. However, the shortcoming is that the current eco-door industry brands are not well-balanced. If you buy directly through the market propaganda, it is easy to produce shoddy purchase blind spots, so you must be more cautious.

The above describes the interior doors of different materials, and explains them from their characteristics and effects. If you are going to the mall to buy interior doors, you can better understand the interior doors of various materials through the above introduction, and then choose the most suitable interior door type according to your own residence.

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