Common materials are solid wood composite painting door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-29
< p > < / p > < p > < p > wooden door is now leading household products, solid wood composite painting door made of different materials have different display effect, the wooden door manufacturer to share common materials are solid wood composite painting door? < / p > < p > 1, the black walnut: < / p > < p > black walnut, the main producing area in the southeastern United States and Canada. This material has burnish, wooden door with slight special smell, direct, or texture. Structure is coarse and uniform; Polishing performance good; Decay resistance, dry slowly. Often used in the manufacture of advanced furniture, rotary cut veneer, plywood, indoor decoration. Black walnut, with its extremely good strength and is famous for its seismic performance, and has good resistance to water vapor bending properties, is one of the fashion wood material. < / p > < p > 2, cherry: < / p > < p > cherry wood of the main origin of the tropics in west Africa and the United States, strong luster, straight texture, fine texture, uniform; Weight and moderate hardness, high strength; Drying shrinkage rate of medium; Rotary cutting, plane cutting, adhesive performance is good; Very resistant to corrosion, and the termite resistance; Slow drying, less defect; Applicable to the plane veneer, furniture, machine manufacturing, precision instruments. Cherry wood edge material with white to ChanHong, brown; Wood grain is exquisite. Wood is exquisite, give a person the sense with showily elegance. < / p > < p > 3, the sand Billy: < / p > < p > sand Billy's official name for tubular African neem ( Lian, the first! , mainly produced in tropical Africa, with wood crisscross, sometimes have wavy grain, sawing method in the four processing wood texture of the fish in the development of oval black stripes; Sapwood pale yellow, heartwood pink or dark brown; Degree of loose medium; High gloss; The new plane has rosin fragrance; Fine texture, uniform; Weight, hardness, bending strength, compressive strength and seismic performance, corrosion resistance and durability of medium; High strength, drying shrinkage; Toughness is low; Easy processing, adhesive, paint, chromatic performance is good wait for a characteristic. < / p > < p > 4, rosewood: < / p > < p > hua limu found in South America and southeast Asia, has the gloss, texture staggered; Uniform structure of medium; Texture, high strength; Dry shrink; Easy processing, plane surface smooth; Paint and adhesive performance good; Decay resistance, easy to dry, no defects; Enduring hua pear wood dark red. High hardness, high strength, wood grain with a plume of move feeling, give a person with gorgeous, noble impression, often used in the production of solid wood door. < / p > < p > 5, northeast China ash: < / p > < p > the main producing area of northeast China ash in Russia's far east and northeast China, strong luster, stink, slightly with a waxy, spin like yamagata China grain; Straight grain; Coarse structure, uneven; Weight and moderate hardness, high strength, dry shrinkage to big; Easy processing, edge smooth; Adhesive, paint, chromatic performance is good; Slow drying, slightly resistant to corrosion; Fraxinus mandshurica have hin face beautiful decorative pattern shape, have aesthetic feeling and stereo feeling. < / p > < / p >
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