cops don’t understand cybercriminal mindset – ex-cyber fraudster

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-13
Digital technology continues to bring unprecedented opportunities to our lives, but it also opens new doors to crime.
What is the life of cyber criminals and what hidden dangers are lurking? we asked the \"godfather of the original Internet\" and the former notorious cyber criminals --
Brett Johnson became an expert in digital security.
Follow @ Sophia o _ rtpodcast Shevardnadze: Brett Johnson, it\'s great to welcome you to our show.
Brett, you are called the \"father of the Internet\" and the pioneer of cyber crime.
You \'ve been notorious for a while, but they caught you in the end.
I mean, how did you get caught, where did you slip, or did your guard Brett Johnson: Well, the place where I slipped was illegal in the first place.
I run an organization called \"Shadow Crew\", the predecessor of today\'s dark web market-today\'s cyber crime market.
In August 2004, we were on the cover of Forbes.
On October 26, 2004, the Secret Service arrested 33 people in six countries within six hours.
I\'m the one who ran away.
The way I got caught
I continue to break the law. I am running a cashier\'s check.
A gentleman named Albert Gonzalez is our forum technical expert who handles software on the forum.
He was arrested by the Secret Service and was working in secret, which is why the whole organization was arrested.
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