creating a home for art

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-21
The building is painted in a light yellow color, with a metal grill outside, a wooden double door with large old trees surrounded by rows of potted plants.
I walked around the building to the stairs to \"Music.
Abaya Sundaram described it as \"a space where an artist can come and work on his or her art.
\"Some posters with details such as oil painting workshops, coffee paintings, meditation prove that it is indeed a creative place.
The cottage, which is 75 years old, was built by RK Shanmukham Chetty, India\'s first finance minister.
Sundaram says his family still lives downstairs.
She stayed in three rooms upstairs, specializing in art.
She thought of the idea of opening an art room from similar places in Chennai.
The Kochi Biennale gave her extra incentive.
\"There are many artists in Coimbatore who hold seminars on a regular basis, but they don\'t have room for satisfaction.
So when she was creating music, she invited artists who visited and loved the space.
\"Since we opened, I have had about 15 workshops in the last two months.
Sundaram said with a smile: \"There is a small storage room to make green tea.
Although there is no food supply, it is always possible to order from outside.
Artists can rent any of the three rooms in the museum.
There are big old windows in the hall that let the bright sun shine in.
Blue sofa, some wedding photos and coffee paintings on wooden heads
The paneled walls give a warm feeling.
\"These photos were taken by my husband and his team.
He is a professional photographer and works in a room here.
This place is like our second home.
We came early in the morning and left at night.
On the other side of the wall is a huge wooden frame with a clock (
She bought it from a store in the United States)
A painted coffee cup and a cocoacola glass.
\"This shelf is made up of wooden shelves and can also be used as a seat when needed,\" she said . \".
She got the idea from Pinterest and YouTube.
\"Everything here is related to me in one way or another.
A tree trunk serves as the center table.
\"I liked the wood very much, so I decided to use it as a table.
I did nothing but a coat of varnish.
There was an old wheel in a corner and she stood up.
Go by bike.
\"I used the old tire, put a board on it and covered it with a rope.
\"There is also a small table where artists can show their art.
There is a small garden next to the window where Sundaram is trying to coax the plants to grow.
This room is available for workshops and can accommodate up to 20 members.
The next room can accommodate 15 people with tables and chairs.
\"For these two rooms, I was charged for about five hours at AED 2000.
\"The third room was the smallest with the smell of fresh paint.
\"There is a painting workshop here,\" she explained . \".
This room is for individual classes as it cannot accommodate more than four people.
\"I received 1000 for this room.
Sundaram is also an artist.
\"I do some art and coffee painting.
I learned it through the YouTube tutorial.
\"Her dream is to create an artist community that can meet and share knowledge.
For more details, please call 9952127909.
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