Ecological door crack how to solve?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-28

ecological door as long as the regular strict dry processing, general craze not clearly, even if there is crack, crack phenomenon is also very small usually does not affect the use.

craze is not very serious word can use sand paper around the crack in grinding, grinding down of fine powder collected landfill in segments, with rubber seal.

in addition, consumers also u need to pay attention to ecological door of choose and buy products, under normal circumstances, wooden door are through drying in the process of production process, make wet bilge drying shrinkage deformation of wood before production release. Thanks in large part can prevent in cracking and deformation in the process of using the wooden door, but not absolute, also should pay attention to when using some maintenance. In general, less rainfall in northern China, dry, especially in winter. Furniture put to avoid strong light direct illuminate, winter use heaters, fireplaces, heating, don't close to the furniture, fade in case furniture cracking. If the climate is particularly dry, can give the furniture a little sprinkling water, case become warped crack. Can install humidifier in the family interior increasing humidity, not only is good for people to live, is of great help to the maintenance of wooden furniture also. There are, of course, don't let the wooden furniture always in damp environment, so as to avoid furniture mildew. Such as ecological door installation and long-term damp walls can make the difference of hygroscopic and expansion of wood, easy to crack, mildew, will often dehumidification.

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