Give you a few reasons to make you love wooden doors more

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-13

nowadays, wooden door , as the darling of the home building materials market, is loved by more and more people and has a strong sense of design, the well-shaped wooden door will make people feel that it is not only a door, but also a work of art.

3D wooden door is a German wooden door with pure German blood. The top design master in Milan, Italy, writes, abandoning the pomp and exaggeration of Europa, combine the continuous progress of industrial technology with the originality of design, and pursue aesthetic attributes in meeting the functional requirements of products. The plate adopts Germany Kono carbon crystal surface low carbon moisture-proof panel, which improves the moisture-proof and deformation resistance of wooden doors by 260%, effectively prevents moisture from entering, and can adapt to various space environments. The thickness of the plate is 8mm, which provides sufficient conditions for the deep carving of wooden door modeling. 3D wooden door uses German SCM full intelligent numerical control equipment to realize double-Knife carving process, I . e. two milling cutters with different shapes are used to simultaneously carve at the same shape, so that the depth of carved lines reaches 6. 2mm, make the modeling more stereoscopic and layered, enhance the aesthetic feeling of wooden door modeling, and make the home decoration more atmospheric and fashionable.

in order to enhance the noble temperament of wooden doors, 3D wooden doors are specially made of Italian FENDI high-quality veneer, which has natural wood texture and warm and delicate texture, unique and noble temperament. The world's first three-position positive and negative pressure surface treatment system adopted by Germany's winconnor company makes it possible for wooden doors to have multi-curved surface depth stereo modeling, and realizes synchronous processing on both sides of wooden doors for the first time, it ensures the symmetry and unity on both sides of the wooden door, and exudes elegant and noble temperament from the inside out.

has this design and quality made you fall in love with wooden doors? Don't worry, we can give you a few reasons to make you love wooden doors more. First, the texture is good, the wood has good tactile properties, and it is easy to be accepted. This is far superior to materials such as metal and glass, who would like to come home and touch the cold metal? The second is natural. Wood comes from nature and is a natural material. Compared with steel, cement, plastic and other materials, it has the characteristics of low cost, low energy consumption, no pollution and so on. It is high-energy, environment-friendly and healthy; Third, the wood itself has a natural wood texture, which is more beautiful, and its quality is soft and easy to engrave. It can be processed into various shapes through the process, which can well decorate the home; Finally, its thermal insulation performance is excellent, and the thermal conductivity of wood is small. Compared with other materials, it has good thermal insulation performance, making indoor warm in winter and cool in summer. Even the door with the same characteristics as other materials is so noble and elegant, is it easy for people to fall in love with it?

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