Guangdong original wooden door materials and environmental protection

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-19
Guangdong Runcheng chuangzhan Wood Industry Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing original wooden doors: first, preciousness. The original wooden door refers to a wooden door made of selected natural and precious wood. There are more than 10 varieties of walnut, Golden pomelo, Sapele, Fraxinus mandshurica, Red Oak, pineapple, pear, teak, etc. Its main feature is that the materials of all parts of the door leaf are the same tree species and consistent inside and outside, without any filler of different materials. Second, natural. However, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and self-protection. Third, luxury. It refers to the characteristics that the wooden door is based on precious tree species and the processing technology is finely crafted. Since the wood used to make the original wooden door is generally a precious tree species with excellent characteristics, the original wooden door has a good texture and look and feel from the material. At the same time, due to the high cost of the material, it virtually promotes the fineness in the production process, thus further improving its ornamental value. Fourth, environmental protection. The amount of adhesive used in the original wooden door is nearly 50% less than that of the solid wooden door, so the formaldehyde emission of the good original wooden door is far lower than the national standard. V. Functionality. The sound insulation effect of a door mainly depends on the filler of its door core. Among the various door styles, the original wooden door has good sound insulation effect. Because of its high density, heavy weight and thick door plate. The technological requirements of the original wooden door are very elegant and must be processed through multiple links and processes. Each processing technology is very important, which determines the beauty, practical life and price of wooden doors. According to expert estimates: 'The original wooden door process is different, the cost difference will reach more than 8 times. ', First, variety selection. The choice of wood must take into account its internal shrinkage, moth resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as its density and natural warping. Burmese cherry wood and walnut are mainly used in the market; Sapele and ebony imported from Africa; Rosewood imported from Africa (Common name: Ba Hua) Etc. These wood species have good properties and are especially suitable for climate use in the Jiangnan area. Second, the cracking problem. The traditional original wooden door is to assemble all kinds of processed parts into a complete door first, and then paint the whole door completely. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the wooden door will crack after a period of use. The best way to solve this method is to adopt a split assembly process, that is, after the completion of the woodworking, first apply the paint for many times and then assemble and finally spray the protective topcoat, the technology reserves a shrink seam for the splicing of each component, which looks strong and beautiful. Third, wood drying. The moisture content of wood is the decisive factor that determines the cracking and deformation of wood. Therefore, in the production of original wooden doors, the drying process of wood should be strictly controlled first, and the moisture content of wood should be scientifically controlled according to the air in each province so that it can reach the regional standards of various regions. For example, Xiamen quality inspection department stipulates that the moisture content of wood is ≤ 15 degrees. Fourth, the paint process. Paint Technology is the first influencing factor of wooden door quality index. For example, under the same sunshine conditions, bright white topcoat with good yellow resistance has better color retention than ordinary white topcoat; Under the same paint film appearance, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of wear-resistant matte paint are much better than ordinary matte paint. Of course, the skills of technicians are also very important. They can strictly control the uniformity and fullness of paint. Five, carving process. The carving of the original wooden door is carved and hand-carved. If you choose to use the machine to carve the local flower board, the lace is carved with small pieces and then put on the glue and nails. This kind of engraving process looks neither fine nor rigid, and it will be loose for a long time. However, a decent set of hand-carved doors has good carving skills, long service life and high cultural and artistic connotation. The above is about the material and environmental protection of the original wooden door of Guangdong runchengchuang exhibition. If you want to know more about the problem, please come to consult.
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