\'if you\'re alive, raise your hand\' desperate rescuer said in pulse nightclub

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-13
\"Raise your hand if you are still alive.
\"This is the official response to ISIS --
Inspired shooting at the Orlando Pulse nightclub tells people to do so when they encounter a terrible massacre that killed dozens of people.
Twenty victims died while dancing.
13 other people died in the bathroom, and they avoided the Gunners.
These are just some new ones-
The facts of the shooting incident that killed 50 people in June were released, which were shared in a report by the Orlando Police Department, which has been obtained and reviewed by ABC News.
The report includes the most comprehensive schedule of the night, and never before --before-
Photos seen from inside the club.
Many photos were taken from police body cameras.
The schedule details how gunner Omar Mattin has set up barricades in the club\'s Northwest bathroom with other victims using text messages to ask for help.
At the same time, it explains how officials can take other victims from other parts of the nightclub.
According to the report, 2: 48m.
Mateen spoke to the police officer over the phone and told the police officer that he was wearing a bomb vest and had enough explosives in the car parked outside to \"destroy the city blocks \".
\"The statement also describes where each of the 49 victims died ---
There are 9 people in the northwest toilet, 4 people in the southwest toilet, 3 people on the stage, 1 person in the club lobby, 1 person in the patio, 20 people in the stage area and the dance floor.
According to reports, another nine people died in the hospital and two people died in the triage area opposite the club.
The report described \"seeing officials load many important victims onto a pickup truck bed transporting victims\" as the fire department was \"packed with patients \". ”The 78-
There is no information in the page introduction about whether the victim was hit by a police bullet.
When the police rushed into the club to shoot Mateen, the siege was over.
His wife, Nur Salman, is currently facing federal charges.
State authorities are still investigating police operations that night.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Police Chief John Mina presented the slides in front of about 10 police groups from around the world, to detail his department\'s first demonstration of the attack.
A photo after the incident shows that the door to the main bar area is open.
A liquid flowed into the parking lot.
Next to it, a window was blown out, and the demonstration indicated that the officer preparing to enter during the siege broke the window.
The June 12 attack was the worst mass shooting in the United States. S. history.
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