In what ways to distinguish real wood door of true and false?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-25
Real wood door is the first choice for many families, wood door manufacturer to tell you about today in what ways can distinguish real wood door of true and false? A, see due to reasons such as freight and cost price, general quality better price is in 2000 yuan of above real wood, but this is not absolute, consumers will brush bright eyes met temptation. Two, see a weight because real wood door USES is to a block of wood or the same wood, so the weight than the average of the real wood door, heavier before installing consumers can weigh the weight of the door. But it is worth noting that some use wood pieces join cement glass plate like particieboard, the made of the plank wood door also not its actual weight light. In addition, because the door leaf size, thickness and packing different door core, also is the cause of wooden door weight different. Therefore, than the weight is not the most reasonable judgment. Three, the pure real wood grain surface wood natural, smooth, and fake real wood door stickers do often use surface finishes. Consumers can through careful observation wood surface texture, such as splicing, grain equal balance, repetition, most of this kind of wood is not in the sense of real wood door. Four, the lock hole because of the need to install the lock, so generally wood door all need to reserve a lock hole, consumers can through the keyhole look inside and wood are consistent, is there any other fillers. But there are some clever manufacturers will be in the lock hole position with real wood do support materials, when consumers choose to learn from many aspects to identify. Five, listen to the sound when consumer choose and buy can use hand knock on the wood parts, such as uneven tone and is hollow, it is not real wood door. Six, see anti-counterfeiting some sellers will choose agent for some famous brand, wooden door but pretend to be big brands from other factory low price stock sales, permits. Consumers can be released through the brand anti-counterfeit query methods for validation.
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