Installing a Peephole in a Wood Door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-30
Even if you live in a safe neighborhood it's always a good idea to see who's outside your door before opening it. If you have a wood door without built in windows the best way to do accomplish this is to install a peephole. Peepholes come in various sizes, only cost a few dollars and are fairly easy to install. Depending on their use they have different ranges of view so when purchasing one consider your intentions. Wanting to feel safer? It's best to get one with a wide range to see more of what's in front of the door. However, if you're just interested in being a little more cautious a simpler one will do. So here's what you'll need for the actual instillation: a tape measure, a pencil, a drill, a small drill bit to open the hole and a larger drill bit sized to your peephole, safety goggles, possibly a screw driver; a thin brush or some pipe cleaners to clean out the hole after it is drilled. Steps for installation: 1. Measure your door and make sure the peephole you are buying is the right length. If you have an older house chances are the doors will not be the same as today's standard so make sure you are being precise. The last thing you want to do is begin instillation and discover it doesn't fit. 2. Decide where to put the peephole on the door. Obviously not everyone is the same height but the peephole is usually placed in the center, level with an average adult's eye. 3. Using a pencil, mark an 'X' where you want the hole. 4. Put on goggles. 5. Using the small bit gently drill from the inside part of the door what's called a 'pilot' hole through the 'X.' This will lesson splintering and possible cracking in the door when the larger bit takes over. 6. Switch to the appropriate larger bit to widen the hole and drill all the way through. 7. Clean out the hole. 8. Insert the lens piece first from the outside 9. Insert the viewing scope from the inside. 10. Is it tight? If not, you can hand tighten or depending on the peephole you may need a screwdriver.
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