inviting bonus room creates lasting impression

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
While features rank high on the wish list of most house hunters, many also appreciate the space of interest in architecture.
Eaton welcome eyes
Delightful detail in the floor plan that suits the needs of the extended family. This four-bedroom 2,412-square-
The foot model of Excel Homes is shown as a show home for HillCrest, a new community on the southwest end of Apex Land Airdrie.
Keeping it simple can work well for some extra rooms.
But the design of personality, especially when doing well, can make such a meeting space more attractive.
Eaton\'s simple but successful use of the reclined ceiling and two large sunroof makes this room remembered.
The bonus room is located in the center of the second floor, creating wing effects of the master bedroom and its accessory space on one end and three second bedrooms, a full bathroom, plus laundry room.
A second bedroom with a walk-
There is also a spacious closet in the wardrobe.
The tray-style ceiling design of the master bedroom is another subtle but noteworthy detail used to enhance the interest in space.
Through a door, the master bedroom is connected to two walking passages
In the wardrobe and ensuite.
Not only is this suite ready in the morning, but it\'s easy to imagine that it\'s where people want to escape.
It has double vanity under a complete
Wide mirror, large shower with glass door, elegant free
Vertical bathtub under window.
To cater to the big family of the family, the laundry room is very large.
It starts with a white line rack for storing laundry essentials and linens, moving to a space where multiple people can load and unload from the front --
The washer and dryer can be loaded without feeling cramped.
Two at home-
Garage in front of car with extra Bay on one side.
For families with two cars, the reward Bay can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a workshop or equipment for storing seasonal activities, such as kayaks or skis.
Garage meets home through a sunken mud house
Ins with hangers and space can store items such as backpacks and winter accessories.
Adjacent to the mud room, the foyer is large, allowing multiple people to enter the home and take off jackets and boots with the elbow room they need. Along the rear-
Facing the main floor wall, the large room is 14 feet 3 inch by 12 feet 10 inch, providing enough space for several large pieces of furniture.
Its focus is a box.
Fully enclosed shaped gas fireplaceheight tile.
Adjacent to the large room is a dining area with a door to the rear deck. The L-
The shaped kitchen is centered on a large island with a sink and an extended dining bar that comfortably accommodates three people.
Built on one side of the island-
Features for storage of 30 bottles of wine.
The appliance is made of stainless steel, including chimney
Hoodfan with double door style and refrigerator.
Walk behind the kitchen-
In the food room, located opposite a workstation, there is a table and a chair where the display home is staged.
Here, a child in the family can finish his homework while his parents give dinner a final polish.
Show home shows a well developed basement with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a rec area, playroom, mechanical room and undeveloped storage space.
Eaton is a front line. drive single-family home.
Builder: Excel home.
Developer: Apex Land.
Area: HillCrest is a community on the southwest end of Airdrie.
Hours: The show house is open from 2 to 8. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Weekends and holidays
Direction: show home is located at No. 129, Dr. peakS. W.
To get there, from Yankee Valley Avenue to Eighth Avenue. W.
Turn left on top road and left on top Road.
Information: keep improving.
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