‘kim’s sister hovers like the lady of the house’: rt reporter visits n.korea\'s inner sanctum

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-04
Just hours before Russia\'s foreign minister met with Kim Jong Il on Thursday, journalists who had not yet received the schedule of the meeting were gathered in a Pyongyang \"by North Korean standards, this is a luxury hotel \"room where they searched before all their communication equipment was taken away by security officials.
The RT crew were then directed to an unmarked minibus and drove through the South Korean capital.
\"We don\'t know where we are going, and the driver can neither speak English nor Russian,\" petlenko said . \".
\"The further we go, the less people we see on the street outside, until the road we drive is completely empty, although there is no police cordon.
Finally, a huge building stone decorated with two huge posters of Kim\'s grandfather and father, the former two rulers of North Korea. Later, in a more secluded place in this sprawling complex, there was a smaller luxury villa.
The reporter learned that this is the Pavilion of the hundred gardens, the private reception Palace of the leadership.
A wooden door opened and a female figure appeared.
After a while, petlenko recognized the man in front of him: Kim Yoyo, the leader\'s sister
During the Olympics and during recent negotiations with Seoul, he was seen as softening North Korea\'s image overseas.
\"She was wearing a gray dress, wandering at the entrance like a lady in the house.
I greeted her in English and she said with a smile, \"Hello!
Petrenko recalled. Then Kim Jong-
The UN came out.
\"Wearing an expensive watch\" and \"getting sunburned like his sister and pale,\" the North Korean leader appeared to be \"relaxed and in control\", nodding his head to express his gratitude to the media.
\"He doesn\'t look like a person who is out of reality,\" Petrenko notes . \".
All afternoon-
Zhong, an intimate personal assistant to her brother, \"helped him deal with the nuances of etiquette.
But after the talks began, Lavrov sat with a group of seven negotiators and translators.
Gold on the other side of the table sat alone and there was only one translator to help him.
Soon, the photo phone was over, and reporters were taken away when Lavrov and Kim had a secret conversation.
Finally, both appeared, apparently satisfied and smiling, and asked the Russian diplomat to give North Korea a traditional Russian box with a lockable compartment that \"kept his secret.
Then the surrealist spell disappeared immediately.
The reporters were in a hurry to sit in the car, handed in their cell phones, and then took the convoy to the airport to leave the country.
\"I have nothing to say.
I don\'t think most North Korean journalists have a chance to get into places we \'ve been.
This is an unforgettable experience . \"
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