Maintenance method after customizing wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-25

solid wood household products have been favored by consumers since their appearance. In the pursuit of healthy and environmentally friendly life, it is also easier to reflect the owner's taste and style of life. Because of the price of whole wood custom furniture, many people choose solid wood furniture when decorating, Real wooden door .

In the whole wood customization, the proportion of customized wooden doors is extremely high. The current wooden doors not only have the actual function of partition space, but also have the function of beautifying space. Then how to carry out subsequent maintenance after installation of the wooden door? The following is a brief introduction to wooden doors.

teach you how to maintain the wooden door after customization

The reason why the wooden door is moldy

Many wooden doors are installed for a period of time. there will be mildew after the time, these may be because the price is cheap and mistakenly bought a wooden door that has not been waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, or it may be because the water generated in the room is too much to produce mold.

Water Source 1: The wooden door was wet when taking a bath in the bathroom.

Water Source 2: When mopping the floor, the mop carries too much water, wetting the bottom of the wooden door.

Water Source 3: The natural resurgence of the weather and the moisture generated when the weather gets warmer.

Water Source 4: When the air conditioner is turned on, the hot and cold air between the living room and the room will also produce water vapor, and the kitchen and the living room will also have this phenomenon.

Xiaobian reminds us that we must polish our eyes when customizing wooden doors. Waterproof and moisture-proof treatment is a concern that cannot be ignored.

teach you how to maintain wooden doors after customization

maintenance of wooden doors

1. Pay attention when checking wooden doors at ordinary times whether there are parts falling off at the joint of the wooden door, if the screw and other parts fall off, the screw hole can be cleaned first, then a thin wood strip is filled in the hole, and finally the screw is reinstalled. If there is a break in the parts, you need to ask professional after-sales personnel to deal with it.

2. When the weather is dry, wooden doors can be cared for by waxing. Check whether the paint surface of solid wooden doors is damaged before waxing. If stains are found, use a cotton cloth to remove a small amount of gasoline or alcohol.

3. When waxing, it is best to use special pure wood furniture glazing wax for care, and apply the glazing wax on a clean soft cloth, then use a soft cloth with wax polish to wipe the furniture evenly along the direction of the wood texture. It should be noted that the edge and bottom of the door should be waxed for maintenance to facilitate future opening and closing.

4. Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf to avoid sharp objects bumping and scratching. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use too much force and do not hit the wooden door.

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