man charged after cleaver attack at hospital

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-20
Bangkok: Police have filed four criminal charges against a Ubon Ratchathani man who attacked a male opponent with a kitchen knife who is being treated in hospital for injuries
The attack on Thanakrit Mungporn, 41, the damaged ECG machine of the emergency room of his opponent Preeda Doungphetch, 27, Sua Goke District Hospital, Laos 2250 million baht (RM29,467)
But no medical staff were hurt.
Preeda hid behind his knife.
Waving his opponent, but suffered two cuts on his face and head-except for a head injury, the day he was hit by a broken bottle in a fight with Thanakrit at a local trade fair earlier.
After the hospital attack, tanakarritt waited for police in front of the ward.
Meaningless violence has caused a stir on social media.
It is reported that Thanakrit acknowledged the crime and acknowledged four charges made by the police against him: Bringing the knife as a weapon to a public place without reasonable reasons, invasion of state property and attempted murder
In addition to the alleged guilty confession, he expressed his willingness to pay for the repair of the machine.
The police then escorted him back.
Under the observation of Dr. Thammaporn Pratpan, director of the hospital, the crime was committed.
Thanakrit Thammaporn made a one-dimensional apology and expressed regret for what he had done.
Thammaporn said what happened really shook her staff.
In addition, the hospital has only two such expensive machines, so there is only one machine left in this episode and it does not work properly.
Very happy, a kind person
She added that the kind-hearted offered to donate a machine like this to replace the damaged one.
Colonel Thammachak Khongmongkol, deputy commander of Ubon Ratchathani, said Thanakrit was one of the organizers of the fair when he tried to stop Preeda\'s groups from another village
He picked up the microphone and announced the team urging Preeda, WHO and he are residents of the same village of Phon Muang, to stop fighting, adding that anyone who wants to fight should choose him.
When he stepped off the stage, Preeda kicked his torso from behind, causing a quarrel between the team of Thanakrit and the team of Preeda, after which Preeda was taken to the hospital for head injuries.
Thanakrit is still angry and then follow in the pick
He is said to have attacked Preeda in hospital.
During the first four months from 2012 to 2019, 51 violent incidents occurred in the national hospital, killing 10 people and injuring 56.
Earlier this month, the Ministry of Public Health proposed solutions to enhance hospital safety, including a review of the layout of emergency wards and the installation of double doors with controlled passages, additional CCTV cameras and life insurance for medical staff in the emergency ward. —
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