more than 100 wild, exotic animals seized at quebec roadside zoo

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
They first described Canadians, animal welfare officials announced on Tuesday that they accused owners of animal abuse at Quebec zoo and tried to detain more than 100 wild and exotic animals from rural areas in eastern Montreal.
On Tuesday afternoon, about 20 animal welfare investigators were surrounded by barricades in St-
The Edouard zoo assesses the condition of lions, tigers, wolves, deer and dozens of other species.
A spokesman for the Canadian International Humane Society said the living conditions of the animals were worrying.
\"There are animals that don\'t seem to be able to get enough food and water, worn out shells, animals that seem to need veterinary care,\" said Ewa Demianowicz, the organization\'s senior campaign manager said at a press conference in front of the zoo.
SPCA Montreal said on Tuesday that St-
According to the criminal code, Normand Trahan, owner of The Edouard zoo, faces two charges
Every criminal animal is included in the neglect and abuse of criminal animals.
Sophie Galard, a lawyer and spokesman for SPCA, said this is the first time the province has filed allegations of animal abuse through prosecution.
This means a more severe potential judgment.
In the present case, the possession of animals is prohibited for up to five years in prison and for life.
She also said that it was the first time Canada had a zoo owner accused of animal abuse, to her knowledge.
The allegations stem from a visit in August 2018, when SPCA said it had noted several alleged violations.
During a subsequent visit in October, officials seized two poor-health llama and found four dead animals, including two tigers.
According to the charges filed in Trois CourtRivieres, Que.
These violations were allegedly committed between May 2016 and October 2018.
A staff member of Trois
The Rivieres court stated that Trahan was released under several conditions and that his case would be returned to the court on June 21.
On Tuesday, officials began a mission to remove the animals from the site --
A list of zebras, primates, camels and Kangaroos is also included.
Gaillard said that as of 7 in the morning, SPCA officials were about 120 kilometers east of Montreal. m.
Take stock.
She said it could take weeks to catch all the animals.
Rebecca Oldworth, executive director of the Canadian International Humane Society, said,
Operation Edward is the organization\'s most complex rescue operation in Canada.
\"Such a big business requires a lot of resources and cooperation.
\"From professional animal handlers to professional veterinarians, skilled animal transport personnel, it\'s almost tons of animal feed and equipment,\" she said . \".
No animals had been transferred as of Tuesday afternoon, but a veterinarian was documenting the living conditions and health of the animals.
From a camp next door unrelated to the zoo, you can see a small group of llama, goats and deer gnawing sparse spring grass in their fences scattered with rocks and fallen branches, A group of wolves snooze behind a chain
There are fences nearby.
Outside the facility, some local residents were shocked by the arrest, while others said they were not surprised.
Alan Lambert, who lives nearby, said he saw dead or dead animals on the property.
Residents will bring apples for deer in the winter, he said, because they are worried that they will not eat well.
Another resident, who declined to be named, said she visited the zoo last summer and felt the place was not clean, with some animals having green water or not at all.
A small train and picnic shed were sitting in the fence on Tuesday.
Zoo season 2019-
According to its website, this is the 30 th anniversary of its establishment
It was scheduled to start this Saturday.
Trahan\'s lawyer, Michel Lebrun, told reporters in Trois
His client needs to verify the situation of the property.
\"We will evaluate all of this, and after that, we will let you know where we stand,\" lebulen said by the side of Trahan.
\"We don\'t want to comment now.
The zoo website says Trahan has been the owner of the zoo since 1989 and has been licensed for exotic animal zoos since 2015.
Gaillard said the province\'s Wildlife Department is responsible for issuing foreign animal licenses and inspecting zoos.
While it was Trahan\'s first criminal charge, she said the zoo had previously been fined under the Provincial Wildlife Act.
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