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The Culture of Chinese Door

The Culture of Chinese Door


From the mankind only then, the door is entered with its "namely surely by, piece surely by the characteristic of "and bear the weight of harships of vicissitudes of life, deduce the legend with one act moving act, coruscate gives flowery and dazzing culture luster.

The primitive function of the door is my harships only, prevent beast of prey, its break up domain of space, mark, differentiate grade, contain the function of identity of geomantic, expression is outspread it is the process that accompanies human civilization completely and be abounded stage by stage and deepen.

From door of door of day door, country, city gate, door, Buddhism, stockaded village, boudoir door, ghost door the sees its are multifarious not hard classification in numerous name is as extensive as what enclothe, and of the door on horizontal casing calls door specified number, the left and right sides of the door establishs casing to call the door buccal, the play providing an elephant of the philosophical concept that is "of syncretic of person of Chinese" day undoubtedly more.

The material of the door and its door is qualitative, match decorations, big person can witness the history promote decline, in person can inspect folk-custom folkway, small person gentle and simple of OK and intuitionistic the rich and the poor. Red sandal wood wood, extensive great is gigantic make, the door of the monarch that ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one gold-plating nail greatly, at dignity of never-failing Wang Zhe saying between golden Yi Yi; The door of eunuch, cypress is body, treasures is adorn, vermilion shine upon, the Rong Hua of riches and honour that, comparative common folk portal, flesh of wine of "vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes is smelly, the road has freeze to death the feudal characteristic appear vividly of bone" at the moment! And the diversity of the changeover of the arisen, character of door-god, form; Because pagoda tree wood takes " to ghost enrages" and do not have a predestined relationship with the door; What front overhang of door of home of dragon boat festival hangs is sweet moxa, wear from another flank narrate again go-between of Chinese culture system, god, ghost 3 bounds are trenchant and promiscuous consciousness is unified.

"door "regards a kind of life as thing, the symbolic significance in special environment often is more than real significance, " house" is continuance of life of a few acting life, the result of fame focusing; "Buddhism" is to induct Indian culture, advocate "sky is color namely, color is empty"namely, show doctrine the confirm of factional thought; Dignity of position of "midday door, 100 officials discontinue, more because kill is angry too heavy, virtually lets a person unexpectedly be bitterly disappointed; Fish of "dragon door is jumped, it is the target that the person that numerous pursue one's studies seeks fill an office longs for day and night, and divulge because of fortune change place the ways of the world that come out is hot and cold among them, be proud low is held in both hands dozen, your person is between tears and smiles; "Su Men 4 bachelor ", "the beauty of "of a 3 a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations praise, because the home learns deep, be completely far, the cause with children is numerous and outer fame, blame ascendancy, gold can be likened to ……

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