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September 3-5, 2010 Eleventh China (Jinan) International Door Expo

September 3-5, 2010 Eleventh China (Jinan) International Door Expo


Exhibition Name
2010 Eleventh China (Jinan) International Door Expo

Preparation time
September 1, 2010 --- September 2, 2010

Show time
September 3, 2010 --- September 5, 2010

Closing time
September 5, 2010 --- September 5, 2010

Exhibition Venues
Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Jinan Municipal People's Government of Shandong Province Timber Distribution Association

Letter Exhibition Co., Ltd., Jinan, China Timber Distribution Association Wooden Door Commission members: Hong Kong East Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd 

Construction / decoration / Hardware

Shandong Province | Jinan City

Exhibition Description
The most convenient platform for business transactions - Shandong Decoration Exhibition 1
2010 Eleventh China (Jinan) International Door Expo

Four Highlights
※ hosted by the Government, associations to support and build the most authoritative doors of Shandong, Jinan, China International Exhibition doors of the eleventh exhibition exhibition since 2010 to upgrade the grounds of the Jinan Municipal People's Government, China Timber Distribution Association, China Building Decoration Association organized a letter Show Exhibition Co. Ltd., Jinan, Shandong powerful combination to create the most authoritative in the province's largest, highest grade industry event! After tenth exhibition in the industry of attention at home and abroad for the door industry suppliers and users of the bridge erected efficient and convenient. 80,000 quality visitors, for exhibitors to provide an excellent opportunity to discuss business.
※ Independence Hall, this exhibition dedicated professional display of fine Wooden Door Gallery 400 booths, 10,000 square meters exhibition space, plus 80,000 high-quality professional visitors, to bring you a professional image display, the maximum benefit display the results, create an "international, scale and specialization," exhibition of large wooden doors.

※ For the convenience of exhibitors and display area in three different ad hoc to meet customer demand for a variety of corporate propaganda has played better results, get more revenue, the main organizer carefully planned, especially soon: special equipment area, hardcover area Standard booth area, three galleries, free choice for customers, convenient and flexible to meet the needs of exhibitors and more market orientation.

※ industry event of large-scale exhibition hall set up 1,500 booths 4 35 000 square meters exhibition area, after the accumulation of the Tenth, Shandong and northern China has become the largest and highest grade industry event, was named Shandong decoration industry The first show!

Four offers
◆ Gold Booth Title Co: support for the feedback of our customers, the main organizer Recruitment Co-organizers. Who participated in this exhibition eight booths, more than all groups, enterprises can apply for the conference co-organized (remaining 2), co-organized by the General Assembly can enjoy the invitations, tickets, website, etc. (worth 28,000 yuan) synchronization information, and in the General Assembly on all promotional materials and organizing committee are classified as long-term co-sponsors VIP clients, please call exercise.

◆ 150,000 hot ticket on July 28 where the tender set for more than 6 booths, complimentary tickets for the back page advertisement in 20,000 copies (worth 10,000 yuan), remaining 40 000. By mail, travel, running, etc. sent to the real estate market, construction companies, 17 cities decoration business, home industry, building materials industry, with industries and enterprises, agents, distributors and other related departments and visitors.

◆ Color newspaper publicized the exhibition space is limited: the General Assembly Color Development Report (Show Preview) 6 million, three run, in order to better return on long-term customers, expand its promotion efforts, where on July 28 registration companies, will be development of promotional gifts color page of a newspaper edition, issued simultaneously with the tickets, so that exhibitors show effects of early experience.
◆ Complimentary huge database development company after 5 years, has invited a team of excellent professional audience --- the customer service department, by the Tenth precipitation, the company has accumulated beyond the addition of Shandong, including Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui and other northern areas The large number of professional buyers of information about 100,000, committed more than 99% accuracy rate for the feedback our customers on the company's continued support, customers who participate in these activities, one can receive a free CD-ROM database.
Seven publicity

★ Government, the Association of Unit: Exhibition by Jinan Municipal People's Government of Shandong Province Building Decoration Association, Shandong Province, Interior Decoration Association, 17 cities Decoration Association and other authoritative departments support, and opened online registration and the 2010 visit to Jinan Group buy thousands of decorative materials will.

★ newspapers, television stations: Jinan City, Shandong Province and "Qilu Evening News," "Jinan Times", "Shandong Business Daily", "Peninsula City News", Shandong TV Station, Qilu TV, Jinan TV, TV Licheng, Jinan commercial radio, Jinan News Channel, Jinan Economic Channel and other major mainstream media as the carrier of information related to ongoing exhibitions and published reports, a comprehensive exhibition to enhance the influence;

★ residential real estate: This exhibition will have 112 district of Jinan and the surrounding all-round, three-dimensional information, mainly hanging banner ads and outdoor printing based. Real estate development for the new district, the organizing committee will be through property companies and developers to cooperate to get the new owners purchase information, the organizing committee will from time to time for all owners, Short Message, hand full "blanket" invitation.

★ professional media: more than 60 domestic and international trade magazines, more than 100 related websites on the strength of this exhibition for publicity.

★ outdoor advertising: various important sites in the province and establish a large outdoor billboards, publicity for the exhibition lay a strong foundation (important sections such as: Jinan East Railway Station, the largest decorative materials market in Jinan (shuitun Road), Weifang high-speed intersection, Jinan-Qingdao intersection, etc.).

★ Professional large-scale users: government procurement centers, government procurement of municipal building departments, domestic and foreign real estate developers, construction contractors, decoration companies, designers and other tour came to visit us. At the same time through the organization of institutions and organizations from Europe, the Americas, East Asia and Southeast Asia, buyers, procurement, observe, study show;

★ 17 cities in Shandong decoration materials market: full-time sent by the 17 cities in Shandong province of large building materials market, decoration materials market, individual operators to carry out "blanket" invitation and during the exhibition of the 17 cities of the professional building materials market The industry sent free of charge shuttle bus.

§ decorative craft doors: luxurious indoor and outdoor decorative doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, bamboo doors, door, molded doors, partition doors, cabinet doors, folding doors, sliding doors, closet doors, sliding door, paint the door , wood doors, eco-doors, plastic doors, sliding doors, shutter doors, bronze doors,glazing wooden doors, color board windows and doors, plastic doors, doors, steel and wood composite doors, closet doors, semi-finished doors doors and windows of various materials products.

§ Door Accessory: veneer, door core board, Door line, wood, polymer materials, sealing materials, wood, decoration door, the door lines and other new materials and processing technology industry.

§ Decorative Hardware: door closers, handles, handle, door smoking, fastened the door, rail slide, hanging round, floor spring, door clip, master key systems, high handle, various types of hinges, all kinds of locks, etc. ;

§ Glue Series: sealants, glue, wood, glass, plastic, foam sealant, sealant, and all kinds of tape, top and supporting facilities such as participation fees.

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