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Wooden Door Distributors Estimates the 6 Guide Lines of Target Cooperating Factory

Wooden Door Distributors Estimates the 6 Guide Lines of Target Cooperating Factory

To decide to cooperate with a factory, there are many guide lines that you have to consider. After overall and in-depth inspection of the factories, the distributors have to filter according to some standards. For those standards, they can not be lumped together. We should make a concrete analysis of concrete problems. The following are 6 guide lines that summed up by the professional distributors of wooden door:

1. The Leaders
Navigating needs good steersmen as well as an enterprise. It also need excellent leaders who take 60% in the estimation of an enterprise' core competitive power. The age, educational background, family background, brand sense, social responsibility, management concept, strategy etc. of the leaders will affect greatly on the development of an enterprise. Therefore, it is better for the distributors to do initial investigation on the leaders of their target factories before they make decision.

2. Strategy Planning
Alvin Toffler, American futurist, had stated that the importance that the stragegy planning plays for an enterprise in his work. An enterprise without long and distinct developing direction and guidlines for the future situation will lose its survival conditions in the innovation of new technology and economic reform. Whether it is with large scale or not.

3. Management Concept
Management concept refers to the basic plans and technogic advance, the development direction, the common belief, and the operation targets made by the managers according to the enterprise's performance, the correct value of the customers, competitors and the staffs as well as the right operation.  So, having the same management concept is also the thing that the distributors have to consider. It is said that those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another.

4. Development Planning
Every enterprise will change its development plans according to its own's distribution of recources and its developing needs. During different developing course, the recources and its developing needs are different, too. So as its policies for the distributors. And these will cause great influence on the development of the distributors.

5. Enterprise's Value
Enterprise's value refers to the basic concept and target the enterprise has on its course to success. It is the core content of the enterprise culture. Having correct value is the basic condition to keep the stable development of the enterprise.

6. The Development History
Although history can only prove the past, the things that deposited via history are precious. The long the development history of an enterprise is, the rich the experience and fortune the enterprise has. It is sure that those enterprises with long development history have its inner mechanism, which is the core motive power that support the enterprise for more long development.
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