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Suppliers are Rolling Out More Copper Doors for the Upscale Market.

Suppliers are Rolling Out More Copper Doors for the Upscale Market.


China wooden doors industry is resuming its move upmarket, encouraged by recovering economies and growth in emerging sectors.

Copper designs are expected to gain more traction as this shift gains momentum, particularly among makers targeting Europe and the Middle East. With current varieties surpassing $200, these are 20 to 30 percent more expensive than steel versions. The products, however, are more visually appealing and boast anti-corrosive properties, rendering them suitable for villas and other luxury houses.

Models use T2 red copper sheets for the face and zinc-electroplated steel boards. The decorative patterns include Chinese tiger and phoenix, and those consistent with Doric and Ionic styles.

In the security doors category, makers are bonding wood veneer on top of the stainless steel layer to achieve a more natural and elegant look. Designs provide protection similar to conventional models but have greater visual appeal.

For ease of replacement, many companies are placing the hinges, locks and handles in the same position for their entire line.

Continued product upgrades and rebounding economies worldwide are expected to buoy up overseas business. Already, revenue from shipments of wood doors has increased 21 percent in the first five months of the year compared with the same period in 2009. Export sales of steel and iron variants rose 13 percent.

The Asia-Pacific region and North America account for 35 and 30 percent of deliveries in the former. The EU, US, Africa and the Middle East are the key markets for steel and iron doors.

Even as they are shifting upmarket, suppliers are keeping an eye on costs to ensure prices remain competitive. In coming months, many intend to keep quotes at current levels despite rising manufacturing expenses. A few are even planning reductions for Europe-bound products to boost sales in the region.

Enterprises are also looking into establishing or expanding customer bases by attending trade shows in Africa and other emerging markets.

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