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How to Lengthen a Solid Wood Door

How to Lengthen a Solid Wood Door


If you have a solid wood door that is too short for your home it can help to run up your heating and cooling bills. It is possible to lengthen the door yourself and the following article will show you how to do it.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Strong epoxy
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood door
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood
  • Wood putty
  • Putty knife
  • Wood stain
  • Table saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Tack cloth

Step 1 - Determine the Filler Size
In order to lengthen the solid wood door you need to determine the size you need. Make sure the door is closed and take out the measuring tape. Place it in the center of the door at the bottom. Measure the distance between the bottom of the door and the floor. This is the size of the gap but not the size of the extra piece you are going to need. For that you need to subtract at least a 1/8th of an inch for clearance.

Step 2 - Cut the Filler
In order to get the door filler to match the door you need to cut it correctly and you also need to use the right kind of wood. If your door is made out of cedar then use cedar to make the filler. The same applies if it is pine, birch or some other kind of wood. Place the filler wood next to the door to determine the best orientation for the grain of the wood. Transfer the measurement from Step 1 onto the filler once the correct orientation is determined. Place the filler wood on the table saw and secure it in place. Cut it along the line against the grain.

Step 3 - Prepare the Wood
Use the screwdriver to remove the hinges on the solid wood door you plan to lengthen. Once the door is removed use the sandpaper to gently sand the bottom of it. You want it to be slightly roughed up. Do the same thing to the end of the filler piece you plan to attach to the door. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust generated from sanding.

Step 4 - Lengthening the Solid Wood Door
It's important that the epoxy is waterproof and cures quickly. Line the filler piece up with the bottom of the door to ensure the smooth fit and the grain is accurate as possible. Apply a beaded line of the epoxy on both the bottom of the solid wood door and the filler piece. Allow the epoxy to become tacky and then press both ends together. Make sure the pieces are even and then hold them together for at least two minutes. Apply wood putty to where the wood connects to further seal it. Use the putty knife to spread it out and, once dry, sand it down.

Step 5 - Finishing
One of the trickiest parts of this project is matching the wood. The easiest way is to sand down the original door to the bare wood then stain both sections with the same stain. You can also apply stain lighter than the original and begin darkening it until the color matches.

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