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Buy the Advantages of Solid Wooden Composite Door

Buy the Advantages of Solid Wooden Composite Door


How to choose wooden door, is a universal problem, people will be encountered in the home decoration. In the past, because there is no production of wooden doors, generally require the construction team customization. In the curriculum idea, the wooden door is solid wood is the best, and should adopt the whole plate. However, the real wood door, the door will appear a door body cracking inclination or the whole door appeared distortion, deformation and other problems in use, so everyone will choose solid wood composite door, two kinds of solid wood door close to the material, and to avoid the disadvantages brought about by the solid wood door.

Therefore, consumers in the choice of family of wooden doors, most chose to solid wood composite door model. The so-called solid wood composite door, is further processing. The door is high temperature and other advanced technology, through segmented, the loose internal structure change log to use a good quality wood, synthetic handle,  making it more closely. The synthetic wood completely changed the log structure, rather than distortion, deformation, crack, can adapt to sudden changes in temperature difference and temperature.

Solid wood composite door has the following characteristics:
1. Precious. Solid wood composite door refers to the natural, rare wood as raw materials processing and manufacturing modern wood doors. Its main feature is the material door component is consistency of the same species and internal and external consistency, Non filler foil for natural wood.

2. natural. With the rapid development of science and technology, synthetic materials are more and more, but the increasing shortage of natural materials. However, along with the people environmental protection consciousness and self protection consciousness enhancement, the pursuit of natural materials has become a kind of fashion, which allows the synthesis of natural wood, into a characteristic of people pay attention to.

3. luxury property.  Synthesis of rare species and manufacture of wooden material characteristics. Because of making synthetic wood wood is generally rare tree species with superior performance, which makes the synthetic wood from the single material has good texture and perception. Because of the high cost of materials, which also promoted the production process of precision, so as to further improve the ornamental.

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