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How to choose a bedroom door?

How to choose a bedroom door?


The comparison operation style. Although most of the bedroom door swing hinges or pivots, others slide in orbit. Swinging doors will provide most varieties and usually easier to install. Sliding or pocket door can work better in a smaller space, because they slip into or behind the wall when opened. You'll find out, push and pull the door is usually more difficult to install, and offer a limited selection design.

Decide if you need a ordinary door or pre-hung door and door frame unit. If you plan to reuse the existing framework, choose only one door. To replace the door and the door frame, the use a pre-hung unit, if you are a home for beginner. Pre Hongmen easier for novice installation personnel to work together, greatly reduces the risk of installation errors.

Measure the open to determine what size of a new door should be. Door will sit should measure about 1/8 inch than in the framework of the length and the width of the smaller in the existing frame. Pre hanging part can be 1/8 inch smaller than the rough opening in the wall, and in the side door frame should be the same width and wall.

Consider which way doors should swing. In general, a door should swing so that it rests in the most convenient spot when completely open. This usually means in the installation of the door, so that the final on the wall, but be sure to consider placing windows or furniture possible way.  If the door should be placed into the room on the left, choose the left side of the door. The right hand door swing the door right for.

Pick your door material. Most of the bedroom door is made of wood, although the steel and glass fiber units are also available. Wood is often the most affordable, when it comes to the internal use, but also tends to have the shortest lifespan. If you decide to buy wood bedroom doors, consider whether you want an affordable hollow units or more expensive solid core door. Solid wood can help prevent transmission of voice,  with a heavier feel, some people may prefer.

Choose a design for your door. The door of the bedroom can use smooth or paneled faces. If you decide paneling unit panel to compare different panel designs to choose the best one for your home.

Select finish. Wooden door can be dyed or painted and offer many different kinds of wood veneer. Select a pleasing texture pattern and natural pigment single board; and then decide what you would like dyeing shade. Steel and glass fiber door often come pre-finished based on the manufacturer's color selection options.

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