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Original Wood Doors for Environmental Advantages Protruding and Broad Market Prospects

Original Wood Doors for Environmental Advantages Protruding and Broad Market Prospects


In recent years, environmental protection concept caught on, more and more consumers to buy more original wooden doors. Many consumers know, original wood doors with natural wood as raw material, but many consumers do not know the environmental characteristics of wooden door are reflected in where.

In fact, original wooden door is environmentally friendly, mainly to see the original wooden doors to use glue and paint, whether there formaldehyde exceed the standard, the benzene exceed the standard phenomenon. Glue and paint are necessary for production of original wooden doors of the materials, glue is the role of adhesion between wood, paint is in order to protect the facade, reduce the occurrence of corrosion, deformation etc.

From the material point of view, original wood door materials general selection of precious wood, natural pollution-free. And the original wood raw material is the direct use of wood broken board, so there is no need to like making composite doors, use a lot of bonding glue. Furthermore, the wood door facade processing often only do simple processing, in order to maintain the original wood door natural texture,  reflecting of natural beauty,  and therefore the amount of paint will be relatively reduced. Compared with other wooden doors, original wood doors contain less amount of glue, coupled with the use of environmentally friendly paint, original wood doors is considered to be the most by far the most environmentally friendly wood varieties.

In a series of wooden doors formaldehyde exposure incident, the environmental advantages of original wood doors increasingly prominent, its market prospect is also optimistic about the industry. Now, in order to win the market dominance, many manufacturers will be under the banner name of environmental protection, the introduction of original wood doors products. However, there are also some manufacturers, in order to earn more interest, shoddy, wood content in the product is only 30%, but in "all original wood" sold, which makes the price turned over several times.

There are professionals claim, Environmental protection is a key problem to restrict the development of wood door. Modern wood doors formaldehyde superscalar time repeatedly happen frequently, so that more consumers to pay attention to the environmental health of lost confidence, from the impact to a smooth development of the wood door.

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