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Optional composite wood door to pay attention to the door pocket quality

Optional composite wood door to pay attention to the door pocket quality


At present, many consumers in the choice of wood composite door, only concerned about the quality of the door leaf, and often ignore its door pocket, but some customer service problems of composite solid wood door appears, in fact there are many are from the door pocket. On the market: wood multilayer plate door pocket, density board door pocket and wooden door three.

Density board is made from wheat straw, rice straw, sugarcane material cut into powder pressing, although its good balance, but easy to crack deformation, nail holding power difference. Therefore, waterproof performance is density board door pocket and nail holding ability are relatively poor, easily lead to wood sink scraping such phenomena. Wood door and more generally for tooth Jiemu, tighten the screws easy to form a first glance hack phenomenon.

The best choice for composite wood door is the standard wood multilayer door pocket, solid wood multilayer is composed of multi-layer solid wood veneer laminated and arranged in a crisscross formed, has the very strong eat nails stress nail holding ability, good stability, waterproof and damp proof, it can guarantee the service life of the wooden doors.

In addition, it is worth the attention of the consumer, some businesses will not necessarily use the same door pocket and door materials, wood door leaf does not represent the of the use of wood door pocket. If the wood compound double doors do Mentao use density board, because it does not contain wood fiber, water is easy to foam, will cause the deformation of door frame, so the best at the time of purchase ask business mentao and the door leaf whether a kind of material.

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